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  • ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200
  • ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

بازه دمایی(80+)-(0) درجه سانتیگراد بازه فشار (11+)-(0.7) بار کشور سازنده آلمان
  • Temperature range (80+)-(0) degrees Celsius
  • Pressure range (11+)-(0.7) bar
  • Made in Germany
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Guide to choosing and buying ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

Endress Hauser, the manufacturer of the B200 ultrasonic flowmeter, is one of the successful manufacturers of precision instruments, relying on modern European technical knowledge, experienced specialists, as well as advanced machines and equipment, to produce high-quality products in line with the highest standards. It produces quality assurance in Europe.
Anders Hauser Proline Prosonic Flow B200 ultrasonic flow meter is an accurate and reliable device for measuring the flow and quality of gases even in fluctuating conditions.
Anders Hauser B200 ultrasonic flow meter is optimized for low-pressure gas and has a special sensor design. This product works without pressure drop and has a complete design, proper wiring, and a separate safe connection compartment without the need to open the device in line with the display with touch control and background lighting. Anders Hauser model B200 infrared ultrasonic flowmeter is designed and manufactured for wet gas and hydrogen gas in fluctuating conditions.

ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

Features of ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

  • A multivariable device suitable for measuring flow, temperature and methane
  • Temperature range from (80+)-(0) degrees Celsius
  • Pressure range from (11+)-(0.7) bar
  • Double-walled compartment, design, and reasonable price

The originality of ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200

Damatajhiz confirms the originality and physical health of the ENDRESS HAUSER Ultrasonic Flowmeter B200.
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