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  • Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast-Iron Boiler
  • Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast-Iron Boiler

Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast-Iron Boiler

ابعاد دیگ (طول ، عرض ، ارتفاع) : 3520*900*1200 mm تعداد پره: 19 حداکثر فشار کاری : 6 bar ظرفیت حرارتی: 1237000kcal/h
  • Heating energy: 1237000 kcal/h
  • Boiler dimensions (length, width, height): 3520*900*1200 mm
  • Number of blades: 19
  • Working pressure: 6 bar
  • Fuel type: natural gas or gasoline

10 Years Warranty

After-sales services:

10 years

Tax excluded

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Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast-Iron Boiler Selection and Purchase Guide

Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast-iron boilers are suitable for central heating systems of large buildings and have been supplied since 2000.

Technical information and guaranteed prices for a variety of Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast-iron boilers, including original warranty, are provided to our dear customers in the main DamaTajhiz website and store for a smart and efficient purchasing experience.

Characteristics of Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast Iron Boilers :

  • The Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 is made of flame retardant cast-iron alloy and produced as separate blades. It is resistant to oxidization, chemical agents effective against surfaces, and environmental agents like humidity and combustion condensates.
  • The Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 has a high capability in enhancing heat transfer efficiency.
  • Being capable of being utilized for heights up to 60 m in tall buildings with up to 15 floors, Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast-iron boilers are used to supply healthy warm water and heat warm water.
  • In the past, consumers inevitably searched for integrated non-cast iron boilers to use for 6 bars pressure central heating systems, but Chauffagekar Superheat 1300 cast iron boilers supporting 6 bars of running pressure and 105 °C of running temperature are currently available.
  • The most important difference between superheat cast iron boilers and star cast iron boilers is that the running pressure of superheat boilers is 6 bars at most, while that of star boilers is 10 bars at most.
  • Chauffagekar superheats 1300 cast-iron boilers are manufactured with blades, so they can be easily moved by elevators and through stairs without requiring cranes.
  • SGS ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate.

Advantages of Bladed Warm Water Boiler over Integrated Steel Boilers :

  • Its smaller size and easy relocation due to the possibility of separating the blades
  • Possibility of replacing damaged blades and easy repair compared to integrated steel boilers
  • More reasonable price and proper warranty compared to standard steel boilers

Calculating capacity and installing the Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast-iron boiler :

  • In order to calculate the approximate required power, first, multiply the effective built-up area by 100 (kilocalories) and then add 6000 (kilocalories) for each residential unit for supplying hot consumption water. For example, for a building with a 1500 cubic meter built-up area having 10 apartments, the amount of boiler heating power required is as follows: (1500×100)+(6000×10)=210000.
  • After calculating the figure above, up to 20 percent is usually added to the calculated capacity of the heating room hot water boiler as a confidence coefficient.
  • In order to calculate the required capacity of the hot water cast-iron boiler according to the number of residential units, area, and building use class, the existence or absence of warm water pools, etc. you can consult with the DamaTajhiz company experts.
  • Any changes to the final price of the Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast-iron boiler will be announced at the time of making the purchase inquiry.
  • While using cast-iron boilers, it is important to limit workload and to perform socket break-in between boiler blades after installation,
  • Installing a thermometer monometer in order to display the boiler water temperature and also the building’s central heating system pressure for each cast-iron heater in the heating room is mandatory.
  • Installing submerged thermostats (submerged aquastats) with a temperature range of 30 to 90 degrees centigrade (or 30 to 110 degrees centigrade) in order to adjust boiler temperature and issue on-off commands to the flame relay on each cast-iron heater is also mandatory.
  • Since all main heating room equipment including the central heating boiler are installed on the concrete foundation that is previously built-in suitable dimensions in the precise location of equipment according to the layout plan, make the necessary preparation with regard to the required concrete foundation according to specified dimensions and standards before installing the main heating room equipment including the cast-iron boiler.
  • For projects such as hospitals, hotels, and public services, it is crucial to use at least 3 central warm water heating boilers, each of which is capable of supplying 75% of the heating capacity required by the building, because even if two boilers are out of the circuit for technical reasons, supply of the necessary heating capacity of the building can be still possible.

Chauffagekar Superheat 1300 Cast-Iron Boiler

The most important factors that increase the life span of the cast iron boiler are :

  • When your want to buy a cast iron boiler keep notice to choose a proper capacity for the central boiler of the building such that, even during the coldest days of the year, the central boiler doesn’t have to run permanently to supply warm water and heat the building.
  • Use a flame in proportion to the calculated heating capacity (flame heating capacity 20% higher than the boiler capacity at most)
  • Use a suitable resin softener in proportion to the circulating water volume of the heating system or install a deposit remover of the required size and number on furnace room pipes
  • Adjust the flame (it should be blue and burn in a straight line within the boiler)
  • Determine a proper length for the boiler combustion chamber and prevent permanent collusion of the flame and back or middle blades of the cast iron boiler
  • A uniform and continuous thickness for the casted frame of the cast iron boiler
  • Proper sealing of the blades of the cast iron boiler while installing it as well as not allowing a high water pressure (a high number of floors has undesirable effects on the boiler water pressure)

The Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 Cast-Iron Boiler Warranty :

In addition to a 10-years warranty, the Chauffagekar Superheat 1300-19 cast iron boiler, like other Chauffagekar products, has widely available technical support and after-sale services.

Chauffagekar Superheat 1300 Cast-Iron Boiler

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