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Diesel fuel storage source

Considering that many workshops and industrial jobs use diesel to fuel their activities, and knowing that diesel does not exist in piped form, they use a diesel fuel storage source to use and store the amount of diesel they need. In the rest of this article, stay with us to provide you with the information and technical specifications you need regarding capacity calculation, location, how to choose and buy different types of diesel fuel storage sources.

How to choose and buy a diesel fuel storage source

A fuel storage resource is a type of resource that has the ability to store a defined amount of fossil fuels and is used according to different uses.

The diesel fuel storage source is suitable for use in buildings, towers, hotels, swimming pools, factories, hospitals, universities, etc., and it has more uses than other types of fuel storage sources.

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The location of the fuel storage source

The fuel storage source can be installed under the ground of the buildings or the area, installed on the foundation or horizontally and far away from other spaces of the building in an enclosed space with sufficient ventilation.

If you install this source as a burial, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The distance between the tank and the underground walls and building facilities should not be less than 50 cm.
  • The tank should be covered with at least 60 cm of soil or 30 cm of soil and 10 cm of reinforced concrete.
  • The diesel storage tank is made of black steel sheet with appropriate thickness and galvanized sheet should not be used in its construction.
  • The surroundings of the tank should be covered with items such as washed sand, soil or gravel that are well beaten, at least 15 cm thick.
  • To protect underground tanks from corrosion, they are rustproofed twice and then their surface is completely covered with three layers of bitumen and two layers of sacking. (As long as the gas tank is installed on the ground and inside the building, it can be installed in an enclosed or non-enclosed manner.)

If the fuel storage source is installed in an open and unenclosed space, the following regulations must be implemented at the time of its installation:

  • The minimum distance between unenclosed diesel tanks from the burner should be two meters.
  • Unenclosed tanks must be installed on a concrete foundation or other fireproof construction material
  • The capacity of an unenclosed diesel tank or the total capacity of two unenclosed tanks that feed one flame should not exceed 2500 liters.
  • The diameter of the pipe that fills the source with fuel depends on the capacity of the source and the length of the pipe. The diameter of this pipe for diesel sources up to 1000 liters and the filling pipe with a length of 12 meters is equivalent to 1/4 inch.
  • A ventilation pipe is used to connect the source with the open air and exhaust the air when feeding the source. The diameter of this pipe is at least one inch and it should be directed to a suitable place outside the installation location of the source with a minimum twist.
  • Details of the diesel fuel storage tank

Remarkable points in the piping of the diesel fuel storage source

The pipe that directs the diesel fuel from the fuel tank to the boiler burner is called the return pipe. This pipe should be inserted from the top of the tank to a distance of 10 cm from the bottom of the tank.
Note: If the fuel storage source is lower than the installation location of the boiler burner, the pipe must be tilted towards the fuel tank.
The pipe that returns excess fuel to the diesel tank is called the return pipe. This pipe is also entered from the top of the tank and continues up to a distance of 10 cm from the bottom of the tank.
The ventilation pipe of the diesel storage source must also be inserted from the highest part of the source and continue up to 2.5 cm inside the source.
The opening at the end of this pipe must be at least 60 cm away from any opening in the building.
Note: The opening at the end of the tank ventilation pipe must be at least 50 cm higher than the opening at the end of the filling pipe.
The filling pipe of the diesel tank must be entered from the highest part of the tank and continue up to 10 cm above the bottom of the tank.
At the lowest level of each diesel tank, a valve with a diameter corresponding to the capacity of the tank should be installed in order to empty the diesel inside the tank when needed or in an emergency.
Every fuel storage source must be equipped with a man hole to enter the tank through it for cleaning when necessary, and it should be noted that in tanks with a large diameter, there should be a ladder under the man hole. Metal should also be placed.
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Purchase of diesel fuel storage source

Note that when buying a fuel storage source, the volume of the source and its use are of great importance. In order to easily choose and buy a diesel fuel storage source, you must first determine the desired capacity.
On the website of Damatajhiz specialized collection, technical information of all types of fuel storage sources with original warranty is provided, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Very important point: before ordering the construction and purchase of the required diesel fuel storage source, in addition to paying attention to the capacity of the required source, pay special attention to the dimensions of the customized source you want, so that after the production and delivery of the source, you may not have problems such as the inability to pass From the entrance door of the building, the engine room and in general, you will not face the problem of the dimensions of the passage and the placement of the source at the installation site.

The price of diesel fuel storage

It should be noted that all diesel fuel storage resources provided on the website of Damatajhiz collection have reasonable prices and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

The formula for calculating the approximate capacity of the diesel fuel storage source The formula for obtaining the tank volume: V=W*1.2*A*N - Formula information: Boiler capacity = QB Burner efficiency = 90% Diesel tank volume in liters = V A = the number of working hours of the system in a day and night The percentage of system interruptions during the day and night=B Specific volume of fuel oil per kilogram = 1.1 Specific volume of diesel, liter/kg = 1.2 Number of days in which to store fuel =N W = burner fuel consumption in kilograms per hour Dear user While thanking you for the confidence you have in the technical opinions of temperature equipment sales experts, it should be noted that usually the determination and selection of the desired product is usually determined by the buyer based on the capacity, technical specifications and price of the product. But in the diesel fuel storage source, most of the users and buyers choose and buy temperature equipment according to their quality, price and after-sales service. If, after reading the above material, you have more questions to decide on the purchase of different types of diesel fuel storage, you can ask the sales experts of the equipment department after contacting the temperature equipment collection and extension numbers 107-108-121-122. Get advice on heating and engine room and ask your questions.

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