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Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil SV-300

  1. Aeration capacity: 300 CFM
  2. maximum used infrastructure: 20 m2 (depending on the conditions)
  3. Dimensions (H , W , L): 53*22.5*98.5 cm
  4. Internal body made of galvanized sheet
  5. Elegant design with easy installation
  6. Washable filter
  7. Air suction from below
  8. Three different speeds with an extremely low sound level
  9. Equipped with a thermal protector to prevent failure in the engine

Warranty :

36 months Tahvieh Company warranty

Warranty and after-sale Services :

10 years
Warranty terms: 36 months warranty since installation

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Guide to Choose and Buy Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil SV-300

Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coils are produced with decorative cabin and with capacities of 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 CFM.

They have distinguished design, appropriate dimensions and exterior body made of electro-galvanized sheet with resistant furnace color coated.

In order to give a good sense of optimized and intelligent buy to our dear customers, the technical information and guaranteed prices of the various types of Tahvieh Superficies Floor-Mounted Fan Coil Unit with original warranty are provided on DamaTajhiz reference and store site.

Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil

Features of Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil Unit SV-300

  • ABS inlet and outlet valves
  • High resistant
  • Internal body made of galvanized sheet
  • Internal parts of the body covered with 4mm thickness insulator
  • Single-phase electromotor with 3 speeds
  • Equipped with thermal protector to protect the engine against additional loads
  • Washable filter
  • Suitable dimensions
  • Elegant design
  • Extremely low sound level
  • Air suction from below

Determine Tahvieh Fan Coil Units Capacity :

Determining the capacity is one of the most important points in choosing fan coils, see table below:

Fan coil capacity determination table

Technical Tips of Running Fan Coil :

  • Prior to ordering the purchase, it must be specified that the junction of pipes to the required fan coils of the project is on the left or right.
  • The amount of provided heating and cooling power of the fan coils are considered regarding to the internal design temperature and maximum revolution. In the medium revolution, the correction factor of Tahvie Floor-Mounted Fan Coils is 0.85 for aeration volume and 0.93 for heating and cooling power.
  • Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Fan Coils with double-row coils (greater cooling and heating capacity) are produced based on the customer’s order and at higher prices.
  • In order to calculate the cold water discharge required for cooling of the fan coils, the total cold loads of each building space (BTU/h) should be divided by 5000 (or the division of kilo-calories per hour by 1250). Therefore, the diameter of the hot and cold water sweeping pipes to the coil is considered to be ½ inch for 200 cfm fan coils, 3/4 inch for 300 and 400 cfm fan coils, 1 inch for 600, 800 and 1000 fan coils and also 1 ¼ inch for 1200 cfm fan coils as well as canal fan coils up to 1800 cfm.
  • Owing to the importance of aeration fan balancing in the performance of fan coils and its direct relationship with the lifespan of the engine, please extremely pay attention to install fan coils completely horizontal and balanced in order to provide dynamic balance continuity for aeration fan.
  • According to the significance of service and maintenance in air-conditioning equipment, it is essential to install connect and disconnect valve of the inlet and outlet water to the coils with the corresponding union (equal size with branching pipe diameter).
  • To collect water from air distillation on the coil of fan coil units in the summer, it is necessary to install a 1/2 inch drain pipe from a tray beneath the fan coil unit to the drainage place of water is mandatory for each fan coil.

Warranty of Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil SV-300

Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil SV-300 has 36 months warranty (since installation and operation).

Type floor-mounted
Function heating & cooling
Height 530 میلیمتر
Length 985 میلیمتر
Width 170 میلیمتر
Power Consumption تک فاز - 220 ولت
Capacity 300

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Path: > > > > Tahvieh Floor-Mounted Keriveh Fan Coil SV-300
Model SV-300
Installation position
Aeration capacity (CFM) 300
Maximum cooling power (Btu/Hr) 9,212
Maximum heating power (Btu/Hr) 14,672
Power consumption Voltage 220
Phase 1
Coil number
Engine number 1
Electromotor power (W) 73
Fan number 1
Maximum sound (dB)
Water pressure drop (heating) (Kpa)
Water pressure drop (cooling) (Kpa) 13.1
Dimensions (mm) Length 985
Width 225
Height 530
Weight (Kg) 21.7
Inlet pipe's size (inch) 3/4
Outlet pipe's size (inch) 3/4
Manufacturer Iran

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