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Radiators are one of the most widely used heating equipment. All kinds of radiators are produced and supplied in various dimensions and materials. In this article, we examine the effective factors in calculating the number of aluminum, panel and electric radiator fins. So stay with us.

محاسبه تعداد پره‌ رادیاتور

Effective factors in calculating the number of radiator blades

To calculate the number of radiator fins, it is necessary to keep in mind that the ratio between the area and the number of radiator fins is not constant and changes under the influence of various factors. This means that in environments with high energy dissipation, even with a small area, more radiator fins are used. Among the factors affecting this ratio are the weather conditions, the structure of the building, the height of the floor to the ceiling of each space, the number and surface of the windows, the type and amount of air penetration from the windows, whether the units and rooms are under the roof or above the parking lot. He pointed out the angle and hours of direct sunlight on the walls and windows, the thickness of the surrounding walls, etc.


In general, the standards of the number of radiator blades in cold regions are different from the standard of the number of blades in tropical regions. In fact, the number of radiator fins is inversely related to the climate of a region. For example, houses in cold regions need more heat and therefore larger radiators (more fins) than houses in tropical regions.

Structural conditions of the building

In buildings with many windows, more vanes are used due to high heat loss. As a result, double-walled or single-walled doors and windows of a building should be taken into account in the amount of cold air penetration and the number of blades. The type, thickness, as well as the coefficient of thermal conductivity or the amount of thermal resistance of the materials used in the building are also effective on the number of radiator blades.

The height of the building relative to the floor

First of all, we must point out that choosing any type of heating radiator is only suitable for heating spaces whose height from floor to ceiling is less than 3.5 meters. As the height of the building increases, the cold air in the floor of the unit increases and as a result, the room needs more heat. It should be noted that sometimes, the amount of sunlight causes the rooms of tall buildings to heat up, and in fact, fewer radiator blades will be needed. That is why, in calculating the number of blades of each radiator, the angle of sunlight, the amount of direct wind and the duration of time that the rooms are exposed to sunlight should be taken into account.

The formula for calculating the number of radiator blades

There is no fixed formula for calculating the number of radiator blades. The heat capacity of the fins of each radiator is mentioned in the catalog of the manufacturer and the website of Dematheheez. In this way, the total number of blades can be calculated. Types of radiators commonly used in buildings mainly include aluminum radiators, panel radiators and even electric radiators.
Electric radiators are often used as a temporary supplement to the heating system in a completely safe and noiseless manner, suitable for small environments such as bedrooms, and the number of electric radiator blades suitable for each size of the room can be found on the page of these products on the Demataghiz Bayan site. has been
Panel and steel radiators also have different heating values based on the dimensions, heat level and length of each block, and by referring to their technical specifications table on the Dematahheiz site and observing the heating of each of them, you can choose a panel radiator with the appropriate length for Choose your desired space based on the approximate estimate of 70 to 120 kcal of heating for each square meter of the room.
Also, due to the fact that aluminum radiators do not rust (even in humid places) and their appearance and the possibility of increasing or decreasing the number of fins (in die-cast or extruded die-cast aluminum radiators), these radiators are very popular among consumers. have
Each block of die-cast aluminum radiators, which are usually supplied in 5, 7, and 10-blade blocks, have different heating values according to type, dimensions, thermal level, and brand, which is stated in the relevant technical specifications table on the Dematahheiz website. and esteemed consumers can choose the right aluminum radiator based on the approximate estimate of 70 to 120 kilocalories of heating for each square meter of the room.

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final word

In this article, we tried to provide comprehensive guidance regarding the calculation of the number of radiator fins to you, dear buyers. If you need more information or advice about buying an electric water heater, you can call 021-88822550 during office hours; The experts of the thermometer collection will guide you in the best way.


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