Providing comfortable heat to the residence is one of the most important needs in the cold months of the year; Therefore, choosing and buying the right package is essential. In the cold seasons of the year, in addition to providing hot water, the package must also provide water for the radiator and heating circuit; in the summer season, the package's task is only to supply hot water for consumption and health. The package is classified into two wall and ground models in terms of location and installation. In this article, we intend to provide you with a comprehensive guide to choosing and purchasing a package. So stay with us.
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Acquisition and purchasing requirements of Central Heating Boiler

When choosing and buying the best package type and model, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Fuel type: The package has different types of fuel; including gas package, diesel package, dual fuel package, and even electric package that you should choose according to the type of fuel you have available.
  • Package type: In terms of installation location, the packages have two models: wall package and ground package, each of which has its use.
  • Heating capacity: It is very important to choose and buy a package that fits the size of your building space to provide enough heating. Also, if you have a lot of hot water consumption, it is better to use ground tank packages or packages with thermal power higher than 31 kW.
  • Dimensions: One of the things that you should pay attention to before choosing and buying a heating package is the dimensions and sizes of the desired wall and ground package box and the possibility of its easy placement, installation, and operation (taking into account the side space). Is.
  • Heat exchanger: if the heating of the building is from the floor, it is better to use condensing packages to reduce the gas consumption of the package, or if a fan coil is used for heating, it is better to use a source package so that in time Using hot water, fan coils do not emit cold wind.
  • Display error of the package: New packages are equipped with an electronic board, which shows all the possible malfunctions of the package in the form of a two-letter code on its screen. In case of any performance problem, you will better understand the problem of the device by referring to the manual.
  • Price: The price of packages is completely different according to the variety of models and available brands.

Estimating the heating capacity of the package

To calculate the approximate heating capacity of the required heating package, we multiply the square footage of the residential unit by 150 (kilocalories) and the square footage of office units by 100 (kilocalories) (because office units do not consume much hot water). If needed, you can contact the experts of Dematheheez company.

The location where the Central Heating Boiler will be installed

When installing the package, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The installation place of the package should not be above the gas stove and other heat-generating voices.
  2. The minimum distance from the floor to the bottom of the wall package is 120 cm.
  3. The distance between the device and the opposite wall should be at least one meter.
  4. The minimum distance from the adjacent wall or cabinet should be 15 cm on each side.
  5. The vertical distance from the adjustment cap of the chimney package to the chimney valve should be at least 50 cm.
  6. The regular wall package chimney should never be installed directly to the chimney vent inside the wall but should be placed at least 30 cm below the chimney vent. It is better to install the device as low as possible to the chimney valve. Because increasing the distance between the package and the chimney valve increases the suction and improves the exit of combustion gases from the device. Of course, if you choose and buy a package with a fan, you can easily install it in a place where even a part of the horizontal chimney is installed.
  7. If you want to buy a wall package and you want to install the package inside the cabinet, be sure to note that the packaged device needs enough oxygen for combustion, so the bottom or floor of the wall cabinet must be open and the cabinet door must be shuttered. so that the package can receive the oxygen it needs from the environment.

Selection and purchase of various Central Heating Boiler

In terms of location, the package is divided into two wall and ground models, which are different from each other in the way of use. In buildings and places that need to produce a lot of heat, using the ground package is more economical and produces the appropriate and required heat for the space. Also, ground packages have a coiled tank or a water storage tank, and this difference between wall and ground packages is very important when there is a water cut or water pressure fluctuations. In the following, we will discuss the details of the application and performance of the wall and ground package.

Buy a wall mounted Central Heating Boiler

In addition to higher energy efficiency and efficiency, wall-mounted packages have lower fuel consumption than central engine houses, and on the other hand, in wall-mounted packages, there is no long piping route and heat and energy loss, and unlike engine houses, maintenance and service costs They have very few periodicals, and this is very effective in eliminating additional building costs.
The wall package is usually installed on the wall inside the kitchen or terrace, and it is better to use a double-walled chimney to create safety. In this way, the air needed by the device is supplied from the outside environment and will not pose any danger to the residents.
If your package is going to be placed in an open environment such as a balcony, patio, or yard, you should use fan packages that have an anti-freeze system. Besides, the freezing system works if firstly the package is connected to the electricity and secondly you have turned it on at least at low temperature.

Buy a wall mounted Central Heating Boiler

Purchase of floor-mounted Central Heating Boiler

The ground package is produced in two types, with a converter, and with a tank, the installation and operation of the ground package are very easy and it is simply installed in the building. The ground package is usually better and more affordable in places and buildings that need to produce more heat, such as villas, and will produce the appropriate and required heat. Land packages can be used in apartment and residential units, office and commercial buildings, villas and houses with yards, and clinics and medical centers.

Purchase of floor mounted Central Heating Boiler

The most appropriate and efficient brand of Central Heating Boiler

Iran radiator package can be mentioned among the best package brands in Iran. Due to reasonable and competitive prices and extensive after-sales services, Iran Radiator has been able to emerge in the heating package consumption market. Iran radiator packages are produced in different types and applications, which can be mentioned as wall and ground packages, fan packages, single converters, two converters, three converters, analog and digital in capacities of 21000 to 36000.
Also, Iran's radiator wall heating package is produced in the single converter and double converter types, and each one has different models based on capacity, type, the efficiency of fuel consumption, required water pressure, etc.
You can also read the article THE FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A STEAM BOILER AND A HOT WATER BOILER for more information.

Final speech

The specialized collection (Damatajhiz) (the first and most reliable authority in the country in the field of building facilities equipment and all air conditioning devices), offers you all kinds of sand filters and hundreds of other products, guaranteeing the originality of the product, valid warranty, and reasonable price. In addition, if you have any questions about choosing and comparing the brands of this product, you can get free advice from the heating equipment experts.

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