Most people have faced the problem of the sudden shutdown of the package at least once. Today, the independence of heating units and hot water consumption by using wall and ground packages has been welcomed and paid attention to by a lot of people all over the world. The package is a type of heating system that is used today as the best alternative for old engine houses. However, there may be problems with the package's performance; In this article, we are going to examine 5 reasons for the shutdown of the package.
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The reasons for the Central Heating Boiler turning off and how to fix it

Usually, when there is a problem in the package system, the error codes are displayed to you by the electronic board. The meaning of each of these codes is written inside the manual of your package, and by referring to and reading it carefully, you can solve the problem of the package and eliminate the error code. In the following, we try to check the reasons that cause the package to be turned off. The most common package problems are package pump failure, blocking off the package heating circuit, lack of sufficient water in the package, low gas pressure, and lack of proper exhaust of package smoke.

1. Lack of sufficient water pressure in the package circuit

The lack of sufficient water pressure in the circuit of the package causes it to shut down. The packages measure the water pressure and if it is not enough (less than 0.5 bar), they will not turn on. It should be noted that the failure of the expansion source can also affect the shutdown of the package.

2. Low gas pressure

Another reason for the shutdown of the wall package is related to the low gas pressure of the device. If the gas pressure is low, heat and flame will not be emitted from the package. If the gas pressure or flame is weak, the device turns off and on. This problem can be solved by checking the gas valve and gas pressure entering the building. Also, the services of technical technicians can be used to adjust the gas pressure.

3. Lack of proper evacuation of package smoke

If the smoke is not removed and discharged, we will see the package turning on and off. The burning of the package fan, not observing the correct height of the chimney, and not installing the chimney properly and the standard is effective and effective in the occurrence of this problem.

4. Blockage of the heating circuit of the package

Disturbances and problems in the path of water movement in the heating circuit, clogging of pipes, and blockage of the heating circuit can also be other reasons for turning off the packaged device. Sediment in the pipes gradually reduces the function and efficiency, and eventually, the package shuts down.

5. Package pump failure

One of the reasons for turning off the package can be the breakdown of the circulator pump or the water circulation pump of the device. The performance of the package circulator pump gradually decreases and then burns out and stops working. If the device's pump is working poorly, we see the device turning off and on; But when the pump burns, the package does not turn on. After making sure that the part is broken, the best solution is to replace the package circulator pump.

Central Heating Boiler

Introducing the best package

One of the best package brands is the Iran Radiator package. Iran radiator packages are produced in different types and applications, which can be fan, fanless, single converter, two converters, three converters, wall, ground, gas-burning, diesel-burning, dual-burning, and digital models with capacities of 24,000 36000 mentioned. Iran L36FF radiator wall package with 93% thermal efficiency is suitable for use in homes and offices up to 210 square meters. In the following, we discuss some of the benefits of the Iran L36FF radiator package:

  • It has an anti-fluctuation system for hot water temperature
  • Minimum and maximum water pressure control safety system
  • Antifreeze system and automatic adjustment of gas flow
  • High static head with the powerful circulator pump
  • Equipped with an air pressure switch to protect against chimney blockage

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You can also read the article THE REASONS FOR THE HEATING BOILER PACKAGE NOT WARMING UP for more information.

Introducing the best Central Heating Boiler

Final speech

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