In workplace, commercial, and residential buildings, chillers are common and effective air conditioning devices used as the central air conditioning system. According to the brand, capacity, and type of control circuit, chillers are classified into different types. Therefore, you must have full information about them if you plan to purchase a chiller for the air conditioning system in your building. We hope to completely explain chillers in this article and make a distinction between their two main types, namely absorption and compression chillers. Stay with us, please.

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تفاوت چیلر جذبی و تراکمی

Chiller and how it works

In general, such as chillers can be thought of as the heart of a central cooling system, lowering the temperature of the water and circulating it through the coils of air conditioners, fans, and other conditioning apparatus to cool the surrounding air.
The compressor, heat exchangers (evaporator and condenser), and expansion valve are crucial components used in compression chillers. Freon gas (refrigerant) circulates in the chiller circuit and continuously cycles through cooling the chiller water.
The water is pumped to a fan coil or an air conditioner inside the structure after cooling in the chiller. Of course, some chillers do not cool the water either, instead, cool the air immediately by transferring the refrigerant to the air conditioner using a backpack. (this air conditioner system is called DX coil or package unit).
As a consequence, chillers are frequently offered in one of three configurations: fan coil, air generator, or unit package. (or rooftop package). The coils of the aforementioned devices receive water from the chiller, and as the ventilation fan rotates, air travels over the coils and cools the water. In terms of performance, chillers can be broadly divided into two categories: compression and absorption. Read more about these types of chillers in the following paragraphs as well as how they vary from one another.

What is a compression chiller?

Compression chillers are one of the main types of chillers, in which various reciprocating (piston), screw or screw, spiral or rotary, rotating or rotary compressors, and the new type of centrifugal compressors are used.
On the other hand, compression chillers include three general categories: water compression chillers, air compression chillers, and centrifugal chillers. One of the main advantages of water compression chillers compared to air compression chillers is their lower price and higher efficiency. Of course, air compression chillers have other advantages such as compatibility with Sharjah weather conditions, the possibility of installation outside the engine room (possibility of building on the roof, balcony, and any other space), and no need to use water to cool the refrigerant and condenser of the chiller.

What is an absorption chiller?

Another essential type of chiller in terms of performance is the absorption chiller, the most important parts of which are the condenser and evaporator, absorber, solution pump, refrigerant pump, control valves, thermostats, electrical panels, and chiller control circuit.
Also, absorption chillers are divided into four categories: hot water absorption chiller, hot water absorption chiller, direct flame absorption chiller, and steam absorption chiller. Of course, these types of chillers include single-effect, double-effect, and direct-fire absorption chillers based on the way they work.
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