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Nowadays, chillers are among the most used and efficient air conditioning systems for creating optimal air in all kinds of buildings with different uses. Chillers are divided into different categories in terms of type, equipment, control circuit, and capacity, and you should have comprehensive information about them before buying them. If you intend to use a chiller to cool your residential unit, in this article you can learn about the best chillers and choose a suitable and economical chiller for a residential or office unit.
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The best residential chiller

What is a chiller?

Chillers are one of the types of central cooling systems that cool the ambient air by lowering the water temperature and circulating the cooled water in the fan coils and air conditioners by the main engine room circulator pump. Industrial and domestic scale chillers are divided into two general groups compression chillers and absorption chillers in terms of performance.

Compression chillers

In terms of performance, compression chillers are classified into three general groups: water compression chillers, air compression chillers, and centrifugal chillers. The main advantage of water compression chillers compared to air compression chillers is lower price and higher efficiency; Of course, air compression chillers also have various advantages over water compression types, such as the possibility of using in hot weather, no need to use water to cool the refrigerant and condenser, and the possibility of installation on the roof, balcony and any other space outside the engine room.

Mini chiller

One the types of the chiller are mini chillers, which is also known as an apartment chiller; In fact, mini chillers are small and quiet air chillers that can be called the best residential chillers. Since mini chillers have a capacity of fewer than 20 tons of refrigeration and small dimensions, they are used in apartments, villas, and units that want to have independent cooling.

How the mini chiller works

A mini chiller is a type of water cooling device that is installed in spaces such as courtyards, balconies, roofs, etc., and its performance is completed with fan coils installed in the environment it is used in, creating an air conditioning cooling system. . Mini chillers are used in low capacities for a residential unit and the driving force in them is supplied from one and three phase city electricity.
The way mini chillers work is that the water is sent to the fan coil by the pump and through piping after the refrigeration and cooling operation. Next, the blower fan injects air into the fan coil and the cold water flows into the environment. In this way, the cooling of the environment is done by a fan coil and mini chiller device.

Advantages of using a mini chiller

Using a mini chiller as one of the air conditioning equipment used in a residential building has various advantages over other types of chillers. The most important advantages of mini chillers for residential units can be summarized as follows:

  • The mini chiller has small dimensions and can be easily installed in places with little space. By using the mini chiller, there is no need for a central chiller space in the engine room or a split and split duct in the unit.
  • Mini chillers are installed in the open space and connected to the fan coils inside the building through piping. Since the piping between the outdoor mini chiller and the indoor fan coils is simple, the cost of installing and running their piping is low compared to devices such as central chillers.
  • The amount of refrigerant in the circuit of the mini chiller is less than that of the central chiller, and in addition to reducing the price of the mini chiller, it causes less harmful environmental effects.
  • Mini chillers have the capability of piping for long distances and it is easy to install them in a place out of sight such as the roof and connect them with piping to the fan coils located in the building.
  • In mini chillers, it is possible to accurately control the temperature in each fan coil; For example, one person can set the temperature of his room to 22 degrees Celsius and another person to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • If mini chillers are used in a building, the cost of air conditioning units will be completely independent of each other.
  • To determine the capacity of the mini chiller and fan coils needed for your project, after determining the size of the infrastructure and the use of your building, you can contact the experts of Dematahheiz Group.

Absorption chiller

In terms of thermal energy supply, absorption chillers include four types of hot water absorption chillers, hot water absorption chillers, direct flame absorption chillers, and steam absorption chillers. Also, absorption chillers are divided into single-effect, double-effect, double-effect, and direct-fire absorption chillers in terms of operation.
You can also read the article THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ABSORPTION AND COMPRESSION CHILLERS for more information.

Final speech

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