Regardless of the capacity, air handling units are generally divided into 3 categories, normal air conditioners, hygienic air conditioners, and heat recovery air conditioners (in sense of heat recovery), that in the rest of this article we are going to compare them with each other in order to be better with each of these. Get to know the devices. The noteworthy point in this article is that normal air handling units are divided into different types, which differ from each other in terms of fan type, body material, having or not having humidity regulating equipment, type of water coil or DX, etc.

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Comparison of types of AIR HANDLING UNIT (AHU)

In every building, in different seasons of the year, parameters such as temperature, humidity, air purification through filtration, etc. must be controlled, for this reason, various types of air-conditioning devices are used in the air conditioning of buildings. The function of the air conditioner is not only to create cooling and heating, and it cannot be the cause of creating them alone, in fact, these coils (pipes) are cold and hot water, which are needed by connecting to the piping of devices such as boilers, chillers, etc. It is supplied by the air handling unit and sent to the building. In addition, the air handling unit controls the mentioned parameters by the relevant sensors and distributes the conditioned air through the network of air channels in each of the building units.

Types of conventional air handling units

As we said earlier, the normal air handling unit is also divided into different types, which we will describe in different ways.

In terms of fan type

Conventional air handling units are divided into two categories in terms of fan type, air handling units with a suction fan (Draw Through) and air handling units with a blowing fan (Blow Through).
In the air handling unit with a suction fan, the fan pulls the air between the coils and the mixing box and directs it into the distribution channels. This air conditioner model is made both horizontally and vertically. In the suction type, due to the suction of the fan, the part before the fan has negative pressure.
In the blower-type air handling unit, the fan blows the air between the coils. In this model, the part after the fan has positive pressure.
In the blower type, to create better airflow, the distance between the fan and the coil must be taken into account, because of this, the length of the device is increased, and the initial price of the blower type will be a little higher than the suction type.
The airflow that passes over the coils is more confused in the blower type and different points on the surface of the coil have a greater temperature difference.
Also, if it is necessary to use a valve to enter fresh air into the device, it can be done easily in the suction model air conditioner due to the presence of sufficient space in front of the fan.

In terms of coil type (blue or DX)

In some buildings, instead of using coils or hot and cold water pipes in the air handling unit and connecting them to the chiller or boiler, the air conditioner is connected to a type of four-season heat pump, examples of which include air chillers, ventilation systems VRF or GHP ventilation system mentioned.
The operation of these systems is based on the condensation refrigeration cycle and they contain refrigerant (such as R-134A refrigerant) along with the heat pump system. It can be said that the GHP or VRF device is actually placed inside the air conditioner, which is called DX type of air handling unit.
The way it works is that the refrigerant directly enters the DX coil of the air handling unit and causes heating and cooling of the air. In addition to this, if the air conditioner chiller is directly connected to the air conditioner without a cold water circuit, it is called a rooftop package or unit package.

In terms of material type

The frame of all types of air handling units differs from each other based on the use of their two types and can be made of steel or stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum with appropriate thickness and strength.

In terms of fan motor type

The electric motor connected to the fan can be of the normal type or of the inverter type, which type of inverter will reduce electricity consumption. Also, the way to connect them is either in the form of a direct coupling or in the form of a belt or gearbox.

In terms of air humidity control equipment

Some air conditioners have humidity control equipment and some do not have this feature. In addition, air conditioners have different types in terms of the type of equipment. The cold water coil placed inside the air conditioner can reduce the air humidity in the hot season by distilling the water vapor in the air. If in a construction project it is necessary to measure the air humidity with high accuracy and adjust it in different seasons of the year, a dehumidifier and dehumidifier equipment must be installed inside the air conditioner, especially for winter.

In terms of being a fully fresh

Normally, air conditioners have 3 valves, fresh air enters the air conditioner through a valve, the air is blown into the air channel of the building through a valve, and another valve returns part of the air inside the building to the air conditioner. If all the fresh air enters the air conditioner from outside and the third valve is removed, that device is called a full fresh air handling unit.

Hygienic air handling unit

The difference between a hygienic air conditioner and a normal air conditioner is in the type of filters and the complete sealing of its seams and valves, to prevent the penetration of any pollutants into the building. Hygienic air conditioners are usually used in places such as operating rooms or clean rooms, hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, etc., which have high sensitivity.

Heat recovery ventilator

Air conditioners need a simple heat exchanger to recover the energy of the outgoing air from the building and transfer that energy to the fresh warm incoming air. Therefore, air conditioners are divided into two categories with an energy recovery system and without an energy recovery system, which is called Heat Recovery.
This type of air-handling unit is designed and built on two floors. In the summer season when the device works in the cooling cycle, the cooled air in the air handling unit enters the building and the air that returns from the building to the air conditioner is cooler than the outside air temperature.
For this reason, the return air from inside the building enters the heat exchanger and during the heat transfer in this part, the temperature of the warm air entering from the outside environment decreases a little. The incoming air, which has lost a little of its heat, will need less energy to cool down, thus the cooling energy of the return air that is leaving the building and being wasted is recycled in this heat exchanger.

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