As you know, all residential, office, commercial, industrial, etc. buildings need a proper air conditioning system to balance air temperature, regulate relative humidity, pollution, etc. in different seasons of the year. Today, various equipment is designed and manufactured in the field of air conditioning, each of which, according to the needs of buildings, can provide comfort in the used environment by creating favorable air.
Air conditioning equipment plays an important role in energy consumption. One of the most important ways to reduce energy consumption by considering the comfort conditions is the correct selection of the air conditioning system, which depends on factors such as the design and accurate calculation of the geographical area, use, type of building facade, etc. In addition to this, choosing the right air conditioning system requires knowing the equipment and getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of their types.
In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning systems are discussed. Please stay with us in the rest of the article so that we can get to know more about the features of each of these pieces of equipment.
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Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning systems

Ducted Split system

Today, one of the most common equipment used for air conditioning is the split, which we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of Split

In general, the advantages of the split system are:

  • Temperature independence in each zone: each zone or separate space can be individually balanced with the appropriate temperature.
  • Low maintenance costs: If the original split device is installed with basic and standard conditions, it can provide good performance for several years without problems.
  • Optimum energy consumption: due to zoning in the implementation of the split system, the device can be turned off in each space if not in use, and at the same time another space can benefit from the creation of optimal air.
  • Cooling and heating function: Some splits are produced with cooling and heating functions, which are also called bi-seasonal splits.
  • Moisture removal: Due to the use of a thermodynamic cycle, splits can remove moisture from the environment.
  • Variation in capacity and price: Splits are produced in different types with different capacities. This makes the splits have a high variety in terms of price.

Disadvantages of Split

Among the disadvantages of Split, the following can be mentioned.

  • Condenser number: In the split system, for each internal unit, there is one external unit, which should be considered for the appropriate installation location for each. This issue in buildings that require an independent cooling system for each of the spaces causes the installation of many condensers and split coolers on the roof, patio, floors, and even the facade of the building.
  • Limitation of modern architectures: As you know, in today's modern architecture, built-in air conditioning equipment is often used. And installing the inner panel of each split on the walls is an important challenge for interior architecture.

Split duct system

Another air conditioning equipment that has received a lot of attention is the split duct, the advantages, and disadvantages of which will be explained below.

Advantages of Split Duct

In general, the advantages of split ducts are:

  • Fast air movement: supply of incoming air to the split duct device, according to the power of the fan and how they work, can be related to the fresh air outside the environment.
  • Independent energy consumption: due to the independent cooling and heating function of the split duct device in each unit and the possibility of adding a hot water coil to this equipment, the split duct device will have an independent energy consumption for each unit.
  • Appropriate maintenance cost: If the split duct is used in terms of capacity and basic channeling, its maintenance costs can be very low and only an annual review is needed to ensure the sufficiency of the device's refrigerant gas.

Disadvantages of split duct

Among the disadvantages of the split duct device, the following can be mentioned.

  • Lack of temperature independence in separate rooms: The ability to control the temperature in separate rooms is not easy and usually all the spaces reach the same temperature.
  • Fan noise: One of the most important challenges of using duct splits is hearing the sound of the ventilation panel fan installed on top of the false ceiling in each unit. This issue is especially evident when high-capacity split ducts are used for large areas.
  • Occupancy of false ceiling spaces: Split duct is installed above the false ceiling and requires ducting to ventilate different rooms, which causes the occupation of false ceiling spaces. In addition, to return the blown air to each of the rooms, a valve must be installed on the entrance door of each space to allow the air to leave and return to the room when the room door is closed.

Chiller and fan coil system

One of the air conditioning systems that have many advantages is the chiller and fan coil system, which we will describe below.

Advantages of chiller and fan coil

Among the advantages of the chiller and fan coil system, the following can be mentioned.

  • Temperature independence in separate zones: By using the chiller and fan coil system, the temperature of different spaces and rooms of the building can be adjusted according to the needs and usage, and the temperature change in each separate zone does not interfere with the temperature adjustment of other spaces.
  • High comfort factor: The chiller and fan coil system has a high comfort factor due to the production of optimal air for separate zones in the building with different temperatures, as well as quiet and low-noise operation.

Disadvantages of chiller and fan coil

The disadvantages of the chiller and fan coil system are as follows.

  • High initial cost: the initial costs of purchasing equipment, implementation costs, and maintenance costs in this system are almost high.
  • Refrigerant discharge: The refrigerant gas in the system must be discharged during the days when the chiller is not used because there have been cases where the failure to discharge the refrigerant gas has caused the piping system and converters to burst and caused serious damage. The cost of recharging the refrigerant gas is also relatively high.
  • Required space: the need to allocate a relatively large space in engine rooms for the installation, operation, and subsequent maintenance of water chillers.

Advantages and disadvantages of VRF air conditioning systems

The VRF system has many advantages, the main ones of which will be mentioned below.

Advantages of VRF

  • Very high comfort factor: A very high comfort factor is one of the advantages of the VRF system, which is due to the low noise performance, the intelligence of the device, beautiful designs, etc.
  • An external unit: The VRF system uses an external unit and multiple internal units, each of which can provide its performance based on the temperature setting of the thermostat in each space of the building.
  • Beautiful design: As mentioned, the VRF system is the most up-to-date air conditioning system and uses beautiful and diverse designs.

Disadvantages of VRF

Among the disadvantages of the VRF system, the following can be mentioned.

  • Hard supply of parts: Due to the sanctions of Iran, VRF systems have been less used in projects for several years. Because the supply of parts and experienced personnel for the training of repairs of this system is not widely available in the country.
  • High implementation cost: The initial cost and implementation cost in the VRF system are relatively high.
  • Not to be used in towers: due to the limitation of the allowed length of piping, this system is not used in very tall buildings.
  • Gas leakage: In case of refrigerant gas leakage in the VRF system, due to the presence of an external unit, the entire refrigerant gas must be discharged. And the leak detection operation is also a difficult task.
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