When we go to the engine room of a building, complex, etc., we see a lot of piping items, each of these items has its own task, therefore, pumps are one of the most important items and factors of the engine room.
As a supplier of 0 to 100 piping items, Pipe Kala announces a brief description of the piping around the pump. Consider that all the following designs are for the horizontal line of the pump.
Pumps generally have two input (suction) and output (discharge) lines, and each of these lines has design rules.

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Use of Mirab cast iron faucets

A strainer is used in the inlet line of the pumps, and the reason for this is that no particles should enter the pump because it will damage the pump blades, the Mirab strainer can be used to clean the pump inlet fluid. Mirab strainer with a steel mesh and at two pressures of PN10 and PN16 can perform the task of filtering the flow, after some time the strainer needs to be opened and cleaned. For this, it is necessary to install a shut-off valve such as a sliding valve or a butterfly valve before the strainer, which can cut off the fluid flow of the system and remove the strainer from the circuit.
Also, a one-way valve is used in the output line of the pump, the use of a one-way valve is to prevent the return of the flow, under the return of the flow to the pump, it causes damage to the pump vanes and increases the possibility of a blow, so when If there is a return flow in the pipeline, there is no need to worry because the Mirab one-way valve will be closed automatically and will not allow the return flow.

The piping system around the pumps in the engine room

Use of Mirab cast iron faucets

Use of Benken connections at the pump inlet

In the inlet line of the pumps, an inclined conversion (Ecc reducer) is used, the upper part of which is flat, which is the reason for not allowing the accumulation of gaseous particles in the pipelines, in the absence of the inclined conversion, the accumulated gaseous particles enter the pump and causes the phenomenon of cavitation in the pump and failure of its vanes.

Use of Benken connections at the pump inlet

Necessary rules to prevent cavitation and system vibration

The vibration of pumps and cavitation is inevitable, but these factors can be reduced to a minimum by following some rules, the things that can be done to prevent pump vibration and cavitation are as follows.

Use of industrial vibration shock absorbers

Rubber shock absorbers with the ability to suppress vibration in both horizontal and vertical directions can partially reduce the vibration of the piping system.
It should be noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature and pressure of the fluid in the selection of vibration absorbers for Iran Industrial Vibration Company.
Iran's industrial vibration dampers can be installed in both the inlet and outlet lines of the pump.

Compliance with the length of the pump inlet pipe

According to the design rules, if the length of the pump inlet pipe is considered 5 times the diameter of its pipeline, cavitation can be prevented in the system. This allows the fluid to become uniform and the fluid changes from turbulent to laminar as the turbulent flow causes cavitation in the pipeline.

Use of rubber seal under the pump

By using rubber gaskets that have different thicknesses, the vibration of the pump device can be reduced, reducing the vibration resulting from the rotational movement of the pump will prevent the transmission of vibration to the pipes and connections.
The vibration introduced into the piping system in the first stage causes the non-sealing of connections and valves, and in addition, it causes the low life of the pump and the sounds caused by the vibration of the system.
Pipe Kala is ready to cooperate with your projects as a representative of Mirab and Industrial Vibration companies of Iran and also as an importer of Benken fittings and Manisman pipes.

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