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General building facilities and engine room heating

Undoubtedly, one of the essential needs of mankind throughout history is to have a safe and comfortable environment to live in, and this need is more evident in the third millennium, with the mechanization of life in the form of operating building facilities and heating engine houses.
The production and supply of all kinds of essentials and functional equipment for building heating facilities have long attracted the attention of small and large companies that manufacture heating facilities and over time, many factors have joined hands to choose the best product to create pleasant heat in the building.
In this article, we are going to introduce the types of building and heating facilities of the engine room and how to calculate, choose, operate and use them;

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Introduction of building heating facilities

heating package

One of the most used heating equipment in cold seasons is the heating package, which alone can play the role of a small engine room in homes and office buildings.
In general, the function of the packages is to provide hot water for the building and to provide the necessary heat for heating the radiators. With the package, there is no need for the central engine house facilities anymore, and subsequently, the exorbitant costs of piping and providing boilers and burners, etc., for the construction of the central engine house building and heating facilities are eliminated.

ariston package


A radiator is a very suitable and efficient device for distributing the necessary heat in residential houses and office environments. Hot water for heating radiators is produced either in the package of the same unit or in the heating facilities of the central engine room of the building.
Radiators are sold in different types such as aluminum radiators, panel radiators, steel radiators, and all kinds of electric radiators.

Aluminum radiator

The aluminum radiator is usually made of die-cast, extruded, or extruded die-cast aluminum alloy and is produced in the form of fins. In general, companies producing aluminum radiators produce and supply their products in the form of 5 blades, 7 blades, and 10 blades.

Steel radiator

Other types of radiators include steel radiators; These radiators are made of steel sheets with electrostatic painting, and in terms of appearance, they cannot compete with the beauty of finned aluminum radiators. But the great advantage of steel radiators is their high heat transfer capacity and reasonable price.

Panel radiator

These radiators are a subset of steel radiators and transfer heat uniformly. In addition to uniform heat distribution, panel radiators are compatible with all kinds of decorations and can be installed from both sides. But it should be noted that due to the steel material of these radiators, the possibility of rusting and punctures is high in the long term, especially in humid environments.

Electric radiator

Electric radiators are produced in different capacities and appearances; Using these radiators in areas where there is a shortage of fossil fuels such as gas and diesel can be a good solution.


Heaters are produced in household electric, gas, diesel, dual-fuel (gas and diesel), and oil types, and without the need to provide hot water in the heating facilities or the central engine room of the building, they can independently provide the required heat in the desired space.
To know the types, capacities, brands, and different applications of heaters, you can refer to the heaters group on the site.

heat exchanger

It is one of the most used equipment in thermal facilities, which plays the main role in heat exchange. The function of the heat exchanger is to exchange heat between two fluids, which are usually water, oil, gas, or even air.
Heat exchangers are usually produced in three types: shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, and finned heat exchangers.

Heating facilities necessary to start the engine room

Undoubtedly, the things mentioned above are not enough to create pleasant heat in the building, to create and operate a motor house, various types of heating facilities are needed so that they can be used for a long time.

cast iron pot

Cast iron boilers, which are also known as cast iron heating boilers, have lower working pressure and energy absorption efficiency than steel boilers, but due to the separable fins, they are easy to carry and have a lower price, usually in heating facilities. The central building and engine house are used more.

دیگ چدنی شوفاژکار

Steel hot water boiler

Steel spa boilers using combustion and burner heat and having higher thermal energy absorption levels and higher thermal efficiency are suitable means to provide the heating needed in industries, swimming pools, and buildings.

Pipes and fittings and valves of the engine room

Carrying out basic plumbing and using standard valves can increase the durability of the building's central engine room facilities, for this reason, the best possible pipes and connections should be used. The pipes used in the building facilities and the central engine room are mainly made of Manisman pipes, black pipes, and galvanized pipes.


A burner is a device that converts fuel energy into heat energy by mixing a certain amount of fuel and air and combusting these two, and it is referred to as the heart of building facilities. In terms of fuel consumption, burners are divided into diesel-burning, gas-burning, diesel-burning, dual-burning (gas and diesel), and triple-burning (gas, diesel, and diesel) types.

Water pump and water supply

In general, water movement is done by pumps, and these pumps are responsible for the transfer and supply of water needed in water supply facilities. Water pumps are also produced in different types in terms of size, impeller and body material, engine speed, location and installation method, etc.

Circulator pump

Circulator pumps are used to circulate hot water in heating facilities or cold water in building cooling facilities. After providing hot water in the building's central heating boiler, it is the circulator pump that transfers the hot water from the engine room boiler to the pipes for heating in the radiators.

پمپ آب
You can also read the article HOT WATER BOILER for more information.

Unit heater

The task of creating heating in halls that have central engine room facilities is the responsibility of unit heaters.
The heater unit has a very high thermal power due to its aeration fan; This high thermal power helps to distribute heat uniformly in large environments and even with high ceiling heights.

Final speech

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