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Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

Iran's radiator package is one of the main competitors in the heating package market in the country. In the rest of this article, along with a brief introduction to this company, we will introduce you to the types of Iran Radiator wall and floor packages, their features, capacities, models, technical specifications, and reasonable prices.

How to choose and buy an Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

The production of Iran radiator packages in wall and ground types started in 2013. Iran Radiator gas, wall, and floor packages, with the help of extensive advertising, reasonable and competitive prices, as well as its responsive after-sales service, have been able to capture a large part of the consumption market of heating packages in the country.

How to choose and buy an Iran wall and ground radiator package

Monothermic Central Heating Boilers of Iran Radiator 

In this type of central heating boiler, two types of converters are used:

  • Main exchanger (Gas Water Heat Exchanger)
  • Plate exchanger (Water Heat Exchanger)

The main converter in the Iran Radiator package is responsible for heating the radiators so that the water of the heating system is heated through this converter and transferred to the radiators. But to supply hot water for consumption (sanitary), the water of the heating system passes through the main exchanger through the pumps and then instead of moving towards the radiators, it passes through the plate exchanger and at the same time the incoming cold water also passes through the plate exchanger and due to The passage of these two glasses of water through the exchanger and the heat transfer process from the hot water (heating circuit) to the incoming cold water creates hot water consumption. Because in these packages, the hot water used does not come into direct contact with the burner flame, the formation of deposits on the inner wall of the plate converter occurs much later than in the single converter packages.د.

Bithermic Central Heating Boilers of Iran Radiator

In this type of package, a type of exchanger known as a Double Gas Water Heat Exchanger is used. The structure of these converters is such that hot water and heating system water passes through this converter and after heating, it is delivered to the radiators.
To provide hot water, when the tap is opened. The pump of the device that circulates the water of the heating system is stopped and only the incoming cold water enters the converter and is heated by the flame of the package burner and is finally consumed; It works exactly like a wall-mounted instant water heater. In this system, it is more difficult to control the temperature of the spa used due to the direct contact with the flame fluid, and for this reason, the temperature of the spa fluctuates to some extent during use.
Another factor that limits the use of these systems is their early deposition due to direct contact with the flame of the package burner.

Advantages of Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

Iran radiator package is one of the best Iranian packages that can be used in different places. Among the advantages of the Iran Radiator package, we can mention the following:

  • This package can provide the required hot water instantly and with the right pressure.
  • Installing this package is very easy and hassle-free.
  • The installation of the package by the after-sales service of Iran Radiator is free throughout the country.
  • Iran's radiator package can be very efficient in energy consumption.
  • It is suitable even for houses and small spaces.
  • A good package is considered to be the best alternative for motor homes to provide hot water.
  • Also, the Iran Radiator package has extensive and responsive after-sales services throughout the country.

Important points for buying an Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

  • To calculate the approximate capacity of the types of wall and ground packages required, we multiply the square footage of the residential unit by 150 (kilocalories) and the square footage of office units by the number 100 (kilocalories).
  • If part of the chimney path of the wall mounted central heating boiler is horizontal (more than 30 cm), it is mandatory to use fan packages.
  • Double converter packages are used in situations where either the incoming water has high hardness (solutes) or the apartment floor is more than 120 meters.
  • If the installation place of the package is on the balcony or open space, it is also necessary to use the fan package.
  • The water pressure of the city at the place of installation of the gas package device must be at least 0.5 and at most 3.5 atmospheres.

Buy an Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

Iran radiator packages are produced in different types and applications, which can be mentioned as wall and floor package models, packages with a fan, without a fan, single converter, two converters, three converters, analog and digital in capacities of 21000 to 36000.
Also, Iran's radiator wall heating package is produced in single converter and double converter types, and each one has different models based on capacity, type, the efficiency of fuel consumption, required water pressure, etc.
This division is for more convenience in choosing the right package for each consumer. ECO - K - ES - E - M - L - LR model packages are double converter packages and BM series models are among the single converter models of Iran Radiator. It is also necessary to note that in each of these two models, the FF series has a fan and the CF series has no fan.

Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler price

The price of Iran wall and ground radiator packages is different based on thermal capacity, covered area, and electricity consumption, so you, dear ones, can choose the best among dozens of models of Iran wall radiator packages according to your needs and budget. Have a plot on the DamaTajhiz website.
It should be noted that the prices of all Iranian packages of wall and floor radiators offered in the specialized collection of thermal equipment are up to date and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices; So these prices also include the guarantee of the best price of the specialized DamaTajhiz site.

Important items for free installation of Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler

  • Checking and determining a place to install the Iran radiator package
  • Placing the Iran radiator package in the designated place for installation and connecting it to the water, electricity, and gas network by Etisalat Hamra.
  • Washing the heating circuit
  • Launching Iran Radiator wall heating package
  • Training to work with the device

Iran Radiator Central Heating Boiler warranty

All Iran Radiator products have a 24-month warranty and free installation (under approved conditions).
In the reference site and store of DamaTajhiz, technical information and guaranteed prices of all types of Iran radiator wall and floor packages with original warranty have been presented, so that you can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

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