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DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

If you want to check, choose and prepare a swimming pool and hot tub filter, with the most suitable price and technical specifications, on-time delivery time, and expert response, you have come to the right place and we sincerely congratulate you!
Please study the presented items and learn more about the technical specifications, capacities, types, and special prices of the swimming pool and hot tub filters, and contact the experts in the sale of swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi equipment in the specialized hot tub collection, and get a satisfactory shopping experience from this dynamic collection...

Guide to choosing and buying DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter and hot tubs

DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filters are part of Damatajhiz company's products and it is made from low capacity (watering 12.3 cubic meters per hour) with the best and highest quality material galvanized and steel; Heat-equipped sand filter, with Iranian hot galvanized steel sheet; Mobarake steel is produced in Isfahan; It has an epoxy paint coating on the welding seam from the inside (in large capacity) and an oil coating on the body and welding seam from the outside of the source. Steel and galvanized sand filters remove suspended solid particles, mud, oil, and biological materials. It is used for sanitary, industrial, swimming pools, etc. Using activated carbon in sand filters makes it possible to remove suspended particles, unpleasant color and smell of water and provide dechlorination.

Buying filters for swimming pools and jacuzzis

To choose and buy a Purification for a swimming pool or hot tub, in addition to the dimensions and size of the filter, which must be ideal for the space of the engine room, the capacity or the amount of water in the bowl of the swimming pool or hot tub, the maximum working pressure that can be tolerated by the filter (how to calculate the pool filter based on The type of filter (sand, cartridge, diatom) is somewhat different); And among other important things, it should be mentioned that the head and flow rate of the filtration pump is proportional, as well as the pressure drop of the water flow passing through the filter.
On the site of DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter's specialized collection, information on all types of swimming pool and jacuzzi filters with original warranty has been provided, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and intelligent shopping.

The price of the swimming pool and hot tub filter

You can choose and review all types of DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool and jacuzzi Purification filters at the best price on DamaTajhiz's specialized collection website.
The price of DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filters are different according to the variety of models, materials, etc. available in the market, it should be noted that all DamaTajhiz pool and jacuzzi filters offered by DamaTajhiz collection site have reasonable prices and the desired discounts. Suppliers are included in these prices.
The price of the DamaTajhiz Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter including the plumbing hose, multi-way valve, Silica and all connections are provided.

Purchase order and warranty of filter for swimming pool and hot tub

The first and most reputable company in the nation in the area of building facilities equipment and all air conditioning devices, the specialized collection (DamaTajhiz Company), provides you with all varieties of sand filters as well as hundreds of other products, all of which are original, have a valid warranty, and are reasonably priced. Additionally, you can get free guidance from the experts in heating equipment if you have any concerns about selecting and contrasting the brands of this product.
Since 2004, DamaTajhiz has been Iran's first and most well-known specialized organization in the field of air conditioners, air installation equipment, and all equipment for swimming pools, saunas, and jacuzzis. Use this group's period as a reference. Call +98 21 88822550 to speak with the specialists at DamaTajhiz Engineering and Production Company for more information.

The list of some clients & projects of different types of Damatajhiz swimming pool and jacuzzi filters

  • Mr. Naseri's project - Karaj: galvanized swimming pool sand filter, model 100x60
  • Mr. Karimi's project - Tehran: 4 galvanized swimming pool sand filters, model 90x50

Contact Us of DamaTajhiz

The presence of DamaTajhiz in international exhibitions of construction facilities and cooling and heating systems

Order from you, follow up from us

The specialized group of DamaTajhiz has an electronic trust symbol and started its activity in 2013 in the head office of Tehran.

1Atm = 14.7 P.S.I
1K.Cal = 4 B.T.U
1M³/hr = 0.588 Ft³/min
1M³ = 35.15 Ft³

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