• DamaTajhiz AirHandlingUnit Model D.T-A.H.U-25
  • DamaTajhiz AirHandlingUnit Model D.T-A.H.U-25

DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit Model D.T-A.H.U-25

بالانس دینامیک و استاتیک فن هوادهی هواساز عایق بندی کامل بدنه از پلی یورتان با ضخامت بالا بدنه اصلی ساخته شده از ورق گالوانیزه مرغوب به ضخامت 1/2 میلی متر استفاده از بهترین الکتروموتورهای ایرانی و اروپایی با کلاس IP55 با گارانتی تعویض
  1.  motors with original warranty
  2. Dynamic and static balance of air conditioning fan
  3. Internal insulation of the roll body of the device + durable and airtight structure
  4. Seamless copper coil with fin + V Type aluminium filter - seven layers

Pre-sale Services :

Engineering consulting
Calculating and Determining the capacity

Warranty and after-sale Services :

18 months DamaTajhiz golden warranty + 20 years of technical support

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Purchasing Guide for DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit (AHU) Model D.T-A.H.U-25

DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit (AHU) Model D.T-A.H.U-25 product with ventilation capacity of 2000cfm to 65000cfm in different single-zone and multi-zone (multi-zone) models is designed and produced horizontally, vertically, and L-shaped.
The dimensions of the air conditioner that are listed in the technical information section are based on the horizontal model and are listed in the table of the technical specifications section with two coils for cooling and heating.
After installing the air conditioner, it is necessary to install anti-vibration rubber or plastic foam to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the handling unit around the foundation.
To replace the air conditioner coil during a long period of operation, according to engineering standards, the width of the device at the place of installation of the air conditioner on a device should be considered 1.5 times. 
For regular cleaning and servicing, the floor of the air conditioning room should be considered.
What is necessary is to consider the land of the only health in the pavilion, the task of cleaning, and the services of the distance.

DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit Model D.T-A.H.U-25

Features Of DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit (AHU) Model D.T-A.H.U-25

  • customer requirements

A full range of different sizes and types of air conditioners are produced in DamaTajhiz so that the designer can easily choose the air conditioner they want for their project. The gas coolers of this company consist of 15 main sizes.

  • long life

High-quality galvanized sheets, precise aluminium dampers, proper insulation, convenient and easy lubrication, fan bearings, and the use of durable aluminium profiles are among the very effective features during the long life of the equipment.

  • The process is slow

The result is the use of precision fan impellers in any size used in front and rear centrifuge models, and to control the decibels of the device, the sound of each part is surrounded by sound insulation.
Ease of installation and repair
Features of the air conditioner are easy, fast, and safe access to the air conditioner, the proper position of the door, as well as the existence of a suitable structure for moving or moving parts, and full access to the assembly of parts.

  • The Model

According to the capacity and size of the device, it is designed and made of fabric nails, and after welding and grinding operations, it is covered with paint the device is equipped with a rubber shock absorber to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the device.

  • Structure

The structure of gas coolers with aluminium profiles as the mainframe of the device is made of ventilation tape five or 7 times depending on the capacity of the device with polyamide or aluminium corners.

  • Insulation

Internal insulation with suitable thickness is of poly roll type to prevent heat loss and cold air.

  • FANS

Centrifugal fan with front or rear propellers with dynamic and static balance designed by Nikotra, completely industrial (depending on the design of the device).

  • Air conditioning shafts and bearings

The shaft is made of 45 cc, which is reinforced and polished, resistant to corrosion and high humidity. Bearings are also adjusted to their best brand.

  • Belts

V-shaped belt made of butter. Choose the type of belt with a reliability of at least 25% and increase the life of the air conditioner transmission system.

  • Electric motor

The three-phase electric motor with a frequency of 50 Hz is cooled by a fan that rotates with the motor rotor. The IP54 standard is Class F motor and insulation.

  • roll

Damatajhiz uses four types of coils: water, gas (DX), electricity, and steam. The primary surface of the coils is made of seamless copper pipes and the second surface of the blade with aluminium or copper plates according to the customer's request.

  • Purifier

5 cm thick aluminium filter and 7 layers of washable aluminium mesh G4 with high dust removal efficiency.
At the customer's request, it is possible to install a bag filter with different functions.

  • Consumers

Air dampers are fin-shaped aluminium blades that are in the opposite direction. Durable plastic gears made of polypropylene are used to rotate the damper. The edges of the damper are also sealed with plastic layers. A damper motor can also be installed on air conditioner dampers.

  • Observe the entrance

Fan chamber and filter chamber with hinged lid and handles made of polypropylene with very good ventilation for easy access and service.

 (AHU) Important points when inquiring about the price of an air handling unit model D.T-A.H.U-25

  • Important points when inquiring about air conditioning prices
  • Installation location
  • Air volume returned
  • Determining the volume of air conditioning ventilation
  • Forward direction or upward direction for air conditioner
  • Dimensions as well as horizontal or vertical air conditioners
  • Coil thickness, body plate, and air conditioner tires
  • Number of rows, heat level, and number of fins per inch for thermal and cooling coils
  • The static pressure of an air conditioner fan, which causes air to rush into the air ducts, varies based on the speed and power of the air conditioning motor.

Warranty and after-sales service of DamaTajhiz Air Handling Unit Model (AHU) D.T-A.H.U-25

The air conditioners of Damatajhiz Company have an 18-month golden warranty of Damatajhiz and ten years of after-sales service.
In the reference and specialized collection of heating equipment, technical information and guaranteed prices for purchasing various types of heating equipment with a golden guarantee have been provided for you dear ones to enjoy a good sense of optimal and intelligent purchase of an Air Handling Unit.
To view and know the warranty and technical specifications of the types of standing and horizontal air conditioners, click on the "Technical specifications" tab on the page of each of the following products.

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