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  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)
  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)
  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)
  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)
  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)
  • Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)

Damatajhiz Centrifugal fan (100 cm Direct Drive)

  • It has a double chassis and anti-vibration
  • Has a fan authorized sound
  • Curved or with an Airfoil cross-section
  • Has an electric motor speed of 1400
  • In straight coupling models and pulley straps

Pre-sale Services :

Engineering consulting
Calculating and Determining the capacity

Warranty and after-sale Services :

12 months DamaTajhiz golden warranty + 3 years of technical support

Tax excluded

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DamaTajhiz Backward Centrifugal Fan 100cm Direct Drive (Non including Electromotor)

  1. DamaTajhiz Backward Centrifugal fans are extensively used for air exhaustion or air supply. In all cases even transfer of materials-powder. Single-blades are backward, flat, curved, and produced with airfoil sections.
  2. Centrifugal fan, spiral fan with backward-curved blades (backward type indirect coil models and pulley belt.
  3. Backward propellers are produced in single/double inlet models and have better efficiency compared to forward propellers and have not to speed restrictions of the propeller.  
  4. All DamaTajhiz centrifugal fans are equipped with a double chassis and an absorber.

DamaTajhiz 100cm Backward Centrifugal Fan

To assure the desirable performance of the fan at the installation place, consider the following terms and cases:

  • Permissible sound level
  • Altitude
  • Moisture and installation place
  • Moisture (humidity) and temperature of gases entering to fan
  • Existence of dust or alkaline or acidic gases
  • Continuous work time of fan within 24 hrs. and or other particular conditions

In order to order DamaTajhiz Backward Centrifugal Fans, the following cases should be considered

  • Design of foundation and vibration correction for industrial units
  • System type: A- Direct drive, B) Foley Belt
  • Type of system: A-Spiral (Screw)B) Ceiling
  • Type of Propeller: A- Forward B- Backward
  • Consumable sheet: A- Galvanized B)Oily
  • In case of Foley Belt of type of bearing: A- ucp , B- SN
  • Selection of output angle of a spiral fan ((helical fan)
  • Looking through the outlet opening at the spiral fan, we can find the fan inlet direction

Important points for ordering a Damatajhiz backward centrifuge fan

Design of foundations and vibrators for industrial units
Device type

  • Direct coil
  • Foley straps

device type

  • Snail
  • Ceiling

Butterfly type

  • forward
  • backward

Consumable sheet

  • Galvanized
  • Oily

In the case of Foley bearing type belt

  • ucp
  • SN

Select the output angle of the screw fan Determine the suction direction of the centrifugal fan when looking at the screw in front of the outlet.

-directdrive 100cm DamaTajhiz Backward Centrifugal Fans diagram

Warranty and After-Sales Services of DamaTajhiz Backward Centrifugal Fan(100cm direct drive)

  • In the reference and specialized collection of thermal equipment, technical information and guaranteed prices for the purchase of various types of thermal centrifugal fans with a golden guarantee are provided for you, dear ones, to enjoy a good sense of optimal and smart purchase.
  • Click on the "Technical Specifications" tab on the page of each of the following products to view and get information about the warranty and technical specifications of various types of fully equipped centrifugal fans.
  • Backward Centrifugal Ventilators have 1-year warranty and 3 years of after-sales service.

The customer should install products and in case of a request for installation by the experts, its expense shall be separately calculated. All bearings used in the production of DamaTajhiz Centrifugal Blowers are made in Japan or Germany. The shell of Dama Tajhiz Centrifugal Fans is made of galvanized sheets.  The price of the electromotor is not included in the prices posted on the site. Contact Sales Dept. for information on electromotor prices.

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