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  • DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F
  • DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F
  • DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F
  • DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F

DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F

  • Available in the form of industrial and domestic fans
  • Durable and high performance
  • Available in two models, three-phase and single-phase
  • Has a variety of models and capacities
  • Has suitable payment terms and standard installation services

Pre-sale service:

  • Engineering consulting + calculations and capacity determination
  • Convenient payment terms + standard installation services
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Purchasing Guide for DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F

Axial Fans DamaTajhiz have the ability to move air in the direction of the motor shaft. In cases where the static pressure of the system is very low (below 50 Pascals), the best option is to choose axial fans. Axial fans DamaTajhiz can be divided into two categories: household axial fans and industrial axial fans.
Axial Fans Industrial DamaTajhiz In various models, Fans are parts whose parts are made of iron sheets or possibly aluminum and are commonly used in large industrial workshops and factories.
The Fan that we want to inform you about in this article is the axial ventilator. Axial Fans have different uses in different industries as well as at home. Axial ventilators are available in different sizes and prices in the market, so if you are going to Buy An Axial Fan, it is better to have comprehensive and complete information about this Fan before buying, so that knowing all these points, you can use the best product for consumption. Buy what you want.
Another name for axial aerator is axial aerator because the function of the axial aerator is such that the blades move air in the direction of the axis.
Some people think that there's a need to research and study before buying an axial Fan and if they are satisfied with some little advice from the seller, they would therefore definitely regret it very soon and will have to buy another axial Fan. So how long can you acquire an axial ventilator without realizing it? How long does it take to purchase an additional axial Ventilator with a disproportionate pitch? Why risk buying an axial Fan when you can acquire the proper device with just a little research? If you want to purchase a high-quality and standard axial fan, reading this text will be really helpful, and you can rest certain that we have included everything you need to know about Centrifugal & Axial Fans in this post, so you will not need to go further.
You deserve the finest, and if you examine the gadget from many perspectives before purchasing an axial Ventilator, you will undoubtedly make a wise decision that you will be able to use for a lifetime. In this essay, we will look at the components of this equipment, its performance and benefits, and even its economic explanation. So join us with all your great power.

DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F

Types of industrial axial Ventilators

  • Axial wall-mounted industrial fan
  • Ceiling axial industrial fan

Conditions for the amount of air evacuation in the axial Fan

  • Engine speed
  • Butterfly shape (angle)
  • Butterfly diameter
  • Number of blades
  • The height of the fan installation site is above sea level, which is directly related to the density or concentration of air.
  • Because the noise of the 2800 rpm motors is very high, the 1400 rpm motor is usually used and in some cases the 900 rpm motor, because they are the best choice in terms of power and sound consumption.

Axial fan installation location conditions

  • The volume of the fan allowed
  • Height of centrifugal and axial fan installation location above sea level (which affects the density of air passing through the fan).
  • Humidity and centrifuge Ventilator installation location
  • Humidity and temperature of gases entering the fan
  • Existence of dust or alkaline or acidic gases
  • Pay attention to the continuous working time of the fan for 24 hours or other special conditions.

Warranty and after-sales service of DamaTajhiz AXIAL Fan Model DTC4E-600F

Axial Fans DamaTajhiz in different types and models have a 1-year warranty and 3 years of after-sales service.
In the reference and specialized collection of heating equipment, technical information and guaranteed prices for purchasing all kinds of heating equipment and ventilators with a golden guarantee have been provided for your dear ones to enjoy a good sense of optimal and smart purchase.
Click on the "Technical Specifications" tab on the page of each product to view and get information about the warranty and technical specifications of all types of heated axial fans.

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