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  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70
  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70
  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70
  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70
  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70
  • DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

بالانس دینامیک و استاتیک فن هوادهی ایرواشر استراکچر مقاوم و هوابندی شده با قابلیت دیمونتاژ کویل مسی با پره های آلومینیومی با راندمان گرمایی بالا استفاده از الکتروموتورهای زیمنس یا مدل های مشابه با کلاس حفاظتی IP55
  1. Use of IP54 electric motors with original warranty
  2. Dynamic and static balance of Airwasher aeration fan
  3. Copper coil with aluminum blades with high heat efficiency
  4. Durable and aerated structure with disassembly capability
  5. V Type aluminum filter - seven layers

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Purchasing Guide for DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

With an aeration volume of 2000 to 65000 CFM, the DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit is designed and manufactured in horizontal configurations.
The specified dimensions in technical specifications are for horizontal configuration with cooling heating coils. DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit is provided with an 18-month warranty and 10-year after-sale services.

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

Specification of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

  • Customer need

Damatajhiz manufactures a wide range of Air Washer Units in terms of size and designers can easily select the Air Washer Unit that best suits their project needs. DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units are manufactured in 15 main sizes.

  • High durability

High-quality galvanized sheets, precise aluminum dampers, suitable insulation, suitable and easy oil lubrication, fan bearings, and the use of strong aluminum profiles are factors that enhance the durability of the DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit.

  • Gentle function

All sizes are equipped with precise fan blades used in forward and backward centrifuge models. Also, each zone of the DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit is insulated using soundproofing to control Air Washer Unit
sound (low dB).

  • Ease of installation and maintenance

Easy, fast, and secure accessibility of the inside space of the Air Washer Unit, the proper position of the door, appropriate structure of Air Washer, enabling the removal or displacement of parts, and full access to the inside of the Air Washer unit for assembling parts are advantages of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit.

Technical specifications of installed parts of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

  • Chassis

The chassis is made of original u-channels proportional to the capacity of the Air Washer Unit and is coated by paint following welding and milling processes. DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units are equipped with expansion joints to avoid the transmission of vibrations to units.

  • Structure

The mainframe of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units is made of aluminum profiles (5 bends or 7 bends). Airlock thread grooves are made of polyamide or aluminum corners, depending on unit capacity.

  • Insulator

The inside space of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units is insulated by poly roll insulators to avoid heating and cooling losses.

  • Fan

Air fans are centrifuge fans with forwarding or backward blades balanced statically and dynamically by NICOTRA design (proportional to unit design).

  • Shafts and bearings

Shafts are made of CK45 steel ground and polished to resist wear and humidity. Bearings are made and assembled as self-adjusting bearings by the most reputable brand's design.

  • Belts

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units are equipped with V-belts (Korean-made). The belts are selected considering the safety factor of 25%. This increases the durability of the power transmission system of units.

  • Electromotor

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units use a 3-phase electromotor with a frequency of 50 Hz cooled by a fan driven by a motor rotor. This electromotor is by the IP54 standard with class F insulation.

  • Coil

Damatajhiz uses 3 coil types in its Air Washer Units: water coil, electric coil, and vapor coil. The outer surface of the coils is made of seamless copper tubes and the second surface is made of aluminum or copper fins, depending on the customer’s request.

  • Filter

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Units are equipped with V-type aluminum filters with a thickness of 5 cm, and 7 washable aluminum net layers type G4 with high dust-removing efficiency. Bag-type filters with different efficiency can be installed depending on customers’ requests.

  • Dampers

Air dampers are aluminum-made blades with airfoil shapes positioned in opposite directions. Strong propylene gears are used to rotate the dampers. The edge of the dampers is sealed with plastic sealing. A damper motor can be installed on the air dampers of Air Washer Units.

  • Access door

The fan room and filter room are equipped with hinged doors with propylene handles and proper sealing enabling easy access for maintenance operation purposes.

 Installation considerations of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

  •  After buying Air Washer Unit and installing it, an expansion joint (resin or plastic-o-foam joint) should be installed to avoid the transmission of vibration from the Air Washer unit to the around the foundation.
  •  According to engineering standards, space with an area equal to 5.1 times the width of the DamaTajhiz Air Washer unit should be considered for probable replacement of coil during the units life cycle
  •  For periodic services and cleaning operations, a wastewater channel should be made in the room of the DamaTajhiz Air Washer unit.

Important points when inquiring about the price of the air washer DTA-70

  • Airflow (CFM)
  • Return air volume
  • Installation place
  • Forward or upward blowing
  • Unit size
  • Static pressure of fan driving air inside canals. It varies proportionally to the speed and power of the Air Washer unit motor
  • Number of rows, thermal level, and number of fins per inch in heating and cooling coils
  • The thickness of the coil, casing sheet, and frames of the DamaTajhiz Air Washer unit.

Warranty and after-sales service of DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70

DamaTajhiz Air Washer Unit Model DTA-70 has an 18-month golden warranty and ten years of after-sales service.
In the reference and specialized collection of Air Washer Units, technical information and guaranteed prices for purchasing various types of Air Washer Units with a golden guarantee have been provided, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy a good sense of optimal and smart Air Washer Unit purchase.
To view and get information about the warranty and technical specifications of single-zone and multi-zone Air Washer Units, click on the "Technical Specifications" tab on the page of each product.

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