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  • Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W
  • Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

مجهز به کمپرسور اسکرو استفاده از کمپرسورهای برند بیتزر، کوپلند و دانفوس استفاده از تجهیزات برقی و الکترونیکی Carel،Danfoss،Schneider مجهز به اواپراتور و کندانسور بسیار مستحکم از جنس فولاد با عایق کاری مناسب
  • Pre-sale Services :
  • Engineering consulting
  • Calculating and Determining the capacity
  • Warranty and after-sale Services :
  • 18 months DamaTajhiz golden warranty + 10 years of technical support

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Purchasing Guide for Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

DamaTajhiz Screw water cooled chiller is equipped with a screw compressor.
Screw compressors include many advantages such as low-noise performance, less vibration, high longevity, low capacity, power, and the proximity of nominal and real capacity. Connectivity to BMS system or smart control of the building and the most important of which is a gradual working process and a 25% reduction of chiller power consumption.

Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

Capacities and specifications announced in the above table have been provided based on cold water temperature, 45º F, and condensing temperature, 122 º F. You can contact DamaTajhiz Engineering Dept. for information on capacity in the other conditions.
The announced capacities and specifications relate to Freon gas 22. You can contact DamaTajhiz Engineering Dept. for information on conditions for other refrigerants.
It is possible to produce a water-cooled chiller equipped with a Screw compressor with other capacities (BTU) on the purchaser's order.
Screw compressors of DamaTajhiz Compression Chillers are usually produced under several valid brands such as Bitzer, and Danfus and or based on existing compressors with similar quality.
Changes in technical specifications and equipment used in DamaTajhiz Screw Water-cooled Compression Chiller will be made at different prices on the customer's order (such as the installation of a plate heat exchanger for the condenser and operator).
While ordering the required water-cooled compression chillers, please inspect the approximate dimensions of the unit for the displacement of the chiller from the powerhouse gate and transfer it to the foundation of its installation place.
Considering the heavy expenses of supply, execution, and operation of cooling systems and air conditioning including all kinds of water-cooled or pneumatic compression chillers, you are recommended not to decide only upon the opinion or recommendation of executive elements for the selection of capacity of all kinds of required chillers and enjoy the skilled Installations Engineers’ opinions for this significant affair.
when buying water cooled chiller products from Damatajhiz for more inspection on calculations and selection of required water-cooled chiller, type of compressor, auxiliary equipment, delivery time, and final prices, please contact our experts.

The Points should be considered after purchasing Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

Before the preparation of the carriage of a water-cooled compression chiller, it is necessary to execute a foundation with suitable dimensions (which will be informed to the customer based on the type and capacity of the chiller) at the chiller installation place regarding the supply of sufficient access space to the control panel and sufficient space for annual services of the water chiller.

Warranty and After-sales Services of Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W

Damatajhiz Water Cooled Chiller 4DTCHS-240W is provided with 12-months of warranty and 10 years of technical support.

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