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  • DamaTajhiz Galvanized Pool Sand Filter F70-50
  • DamaTajhiz Galvanized Pool Sand Filter F70-50

Araz Admiral Galvanized Pool Sand Filter F70-50

تعداد نازل کف: 14 عدد قطر فیلتر: 50 سانتی متر ضخامت جداره: 2.5 میلی متر ضخامت عدسی: 2.5 میلی متر سیلیس مورد نیاز 120 کیلو گرم
  • Filter diameter: 50 cm
  • Galvanized sheet thickness: 3 mm
  • Number of floor nozzles: 13 pcs
  • Covered volume: up to 20 cubic meters
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Guide for choosing and buying DamaTajhiz Galvanized Pool Sand Filter F70-50

The passage of water through the filter of the pool and Jacuzzi is the first step in improving the quality of water used in the pool and Jacuzzi. In this process, suspended particles and impurities in the water are removed. Sand filters are the most common types of pool and Jacuzzi water filters. Admiral filters produced by Araz Sanat Asia Company are of the sand type and are produced in two types steel and galvanized. This sand filter acts as a filter and removes all physical particles above 50 microns of water, including suspended particles such as mud, silt, sand, paint, chemicals, and….
Admiral Araz galvanized pool sand filter model F75-50 is resistant to any rust, cracking, and breakage and has the ability to withstand any temperature for pool water and Jacuzzi with the highest quality and unique durability. Inside these filters, about two-thirds of their capacity is filled with silica and they filter the suspended particles in the pool and jacuzzi water with the highest possible quality. In this way, the suspended particles of water remain in the sand and after filling the pores of the sand layers, the sand filter will suffer a pressure drop, in which case cleaning of the sand will be necessary. High-quality silica is a shiny white grain that is produced by crushing silica stone. After screening the crushed granules, silica is marketed in different granules in the package.
In the reference site and store Damatajhiz, the information and guaranteed prices of the sand filter with the original guarantee have been provided for you to enjoy a good sense of optimal and smart purchase.
Before buying sand filter systems you should know their features, and on this site, we have provided the full information for you.

DamaTajhiz Galvanized Pool Sand Filter F70-50

Features of Araz Admiral Araz Galvanized Pool Sand Filter Model F70-50

  • Ability to select input and output size for the customer
  • Ability to choose the appropriate thickness of the design for the consumable sheets
  • Easy repairs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Admiral Araz galvanized pool sand filter model F75-50 is resistant to any rust, cracking and breakage.
  • Admiral sand filters are capable of withstanding any temperature for pool and Jacuzzi water with the highest quality and unique durability.

Important points regarding the sand filter of Admiral Araz galvanized pool, model F70-50

  • Delivery of goods is in the factory warehouse and all transportation costs to the place of operation are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • The price of the filters does not include the valves and the piping system, and the piping will be done at the installation site and by the operator of the pool facility.

Warranty of Araz Admiral Pool Sand Filter (Hot Galvanized) Model F70-50

Araz sand filter has 2 years warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

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