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  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500
  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500
  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500
  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500
  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500
  • Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500

Iran Radiator Radiator Eco 500

حجم آبگیری: 0.3 لیتر قابلیت اضافه کردن پره های رادیاتور و امکان نصب شیرهای ترموستاتیک دارای مقاومت در برابر زنگ زدگی ابعاد هر پره (ارتفاع،عمق،عرض): 56.8 * 8 وزن هر پره : 0.85 کیلوگرم
  • Dry volume: 0.3 liters
  • The possibility of adding radiator fins and the possibility of installing thermostatic valves
  • rust resistance
  • Each blade dimensions (height, depth, width): 56.8 * 8
  • Each blade weight: 0.85 kg
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Purchasing Guide for Iran Radiator Radiators

  1. For calculation of the number of aluminum radiator blades required for residential apartments under climatic conditions such as Tehran, consider 90 kilocalories of heating per Sqm. of useful infrastructure at floors constructed in the middle of the building and 110 kilocalories of heating for the last floors. (If you like, you may contact the experts of DamaTajhiz Co. to estimate the number of required blades)
  2. Iran Radiator Radiators are provided with a 10-year warranty due to quality assurance.
  3. The work pressure of Iran Radiator full-die casting aluminum radiators is 6 bars.
  4. Having diverse sizes and compatibility with various environments
  5. Low heating inertia for quick reaction to each control adjustment
  6. Resistant to Corrosion
  7. Testing with 9 bar pressure
  8. Easy carriage and storage due to heaviness
  9. Suitable for using indirect heating systems and or closed circuits with hot water and steam with low pressure
  10. Iran Radiator aluminum radiators are produced on full die casting basis, which means that each blade of them is produced integrated by aluminum casting on a pressurized basis. T=60° CΔ means 60 CG. the temperature difference between hot water entered to radiator and room air temperature.
  11. Iran Radiator an Aluminum Radiator has many adherents among construction installations experts due to high heating efficiency, resistance with corrosion, lightness, occupation of minimum space with design elegance. The model and color of radiators are coordinated in such a way that makes the surrounding environment beautiful uniquely. These radiators are severely controlled by the Quality Control Unit based on standards ISO 9001-2000 in all production phases. Blades of the radiator are assembled on a block basis with various heat capacities and it causes flexibility and comfort of the design and installation of the radiator.
    Iran Radiator Radiator Eco500

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Iran Radiator Radiators

  • After buying the Radiator, the Devices required for installation of each block of Iran Radiator Aluminum Radiator include:
  • A set of tab and radiator lock knee (You are recommended to provide a more suitable comfortable situation at home or workplace in addition to energy saving by using the radiator thermostat tab and adjustment with favorite temperature).
  • A radiator bleed tab
  • Radiator wall clips
  • A set of left or right bobbin caps and four washers.
  • The expense of installation devices has not been stipulated in the above prices and should be separately purchased.
  • While installing the aluminum radiator, the bottom edge of each radiator block should be of a 10 to 12 Cm. the gap between itself and the surface of the room because the radiator fails to heat the space beneath itself.
  • Iran Radiator Company fully supports its products by having exceeding 1000 permissible after-sale-services centers throughout the country
  • Do not forget to bleed radiators before cooling season after installation and sealing them.

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