Iran Radiator Aluminum Radiator

Iran Radiator Industrial Group with several factories, with more than 40 years of activity, is one of the oldest and largest production units in the country, which produces all kinds of aluminum and steel heating radiators, wall and floor heating packages, gas burners, diesel burners, and dual burners, coolers. Split gas and split duct works. Stay with us so that after the brief introduction of Iran Radiator Company, we will introduce you to the most specialized information about the features, capacities, models, technical specifications, and reasonable price of each of the aluminum radiators of this company.

About the radiator Iran radiator

Iran Radiator Company was established in 1360 with only one extruded die-cast radiator production and assembly line named Iran Sherman, which by the way did not have proper quality and sealing and a limited number of personnel.
Now, with years of experience, in improving the quality of products and twice winning the title of quality sample unit at the national level, by the national standard organization, an active and dignified presence in prestigious international exhibitions in Europe, and obtaining numerous international certificates such as NF France, CE Europe, BSI England and ... has reached the ability to become the second largest producer of aluminum radiators in the world as the largest pressure casting unit in the Middle East.

What factors have caused the acceptance of radiators from Iran Radiator?

The use of expert forces, modern knowledge and technology, and the manufacture of reliable products have made Iran Radiator Company's aluminum radiators to be exported to more than 30 countries.
Now, in addition to producing aluminum radiators, Iran Radiator Company also offers good products to the market in the production of heating packages, burners, towel dryer radiators, and even splits, and is considered one of the largest manufacturers of facility equipment in the Middle East region. the river
The selection of this company as the best exporter of the year, between 1378 and 1384 by the Ministry of Commerce, confirms the high quality of Iran Radiator products.

Buy an aluminum radiator of Iran Radiator

Before buying an aluminum radiator from Iran Radiator, keep in mind that to calculate the approximate number of radiator fins needed, consider the size of the residential unit before buying, because the heating rate of the radiator changes with the number of fins, and it should be according to the area of the item. The opinion should be reviewed and selected.
On the website of Damatajhiz's specialized collection, technical information on Iran radiator types of aluminum radiators, with the original warranty, has been presented for you, dear ones, to enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

The price of Iran radiator aluminum radiator

If you want to buy an aluminum radiator from Iran Radiator, then you can see all the information you need to choose and buy a better aluminum radiator on the specialized website of the DamaTajhiz collection. All the aluminum radiators of Iran Radiator available on the specialized website of Damatajhiz have reasonable prices and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

Variation in model and capacity of Iran Radiator radiators

Iran Radiator aluminum radiators are all die-cast, in different sizes and heat capacities, and models such as Kal, Thermocolor, Dry, Tempo, Dual, Fire, Solar, and Maxi. Also, Iran Radiator towel dryer radiators are produced in the form of two models, BALNEUM and OASIS, with several blades and different capacities.

Iran Radiator Aluminum Radiator

Authenticity and guarantee of Iran radiator aluminum radiators

Iran radiator aluminum radiator has a 10-year warranty and extensive and favorable after-sales services throughout the country.

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