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  • Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780
  • Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780

Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780

دارای کابل اتصال کشور سازنده ایران مورد استفاده در تایمر MMG/TMG/SGU
  • Has a connection cable
  • Country of manufacture of Iran
  • Used in MMG / TMG / SGU timer
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مجموعه دمـاتجهیــز امکان خرید اقساطی کالاهای سایت را فراهم نموده است. فرایند خرید اقساطی از این روش طی مدت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ روز انجام می شود و...
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Guide for choosing and buying Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780

Shokouh Electronic Company is one of the successful manufacturers of monitoring and automation control equipment such as burner photocell or photocell, which relies on modern European technical knowledge, experienced specialists as well as advanced machinery and equipment to produce quality products in line with the highest quality assurance standards. Produces. The Shokouh red photocell model UVZ 780 consists of a small ceramic plate coated with a helical material (cadmium sulfide) to which the two ends of the helix are connected to a relay by two wires. The set is housed inside a glass case.
Shokouh red photocell model UVZ 780 is used in diesel burners and in some gas burners to prevent fuel from accumulating inside the boiler furnace and the possibility of explosion. The glitter red UVZ 780 electric eye or photocell is installed inside a chamber in the body of the burner so that we can see well inside the boiler and the burner. Semiconductors are used in the structure of the photocell, such as germanium, which is excited by the radiation of external circuit electrons, and their conductivity increases, causing electricity to flow.

Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780

Technical specifications of Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780

  • The face with the red text should be next to the detector.
  • The red electronic eyes of the UVZ 780 model are more sensitive than blue photocells.
  • All UVZ 780 red photocell cells are designated 220V and will operate on 230V or 110V torch relays.
  • The red UVZ 780 photocell comes with a connecting cable.
  • Used in MMG, TMG, SGU timers

The originality of Shokouh red photocell model UVZ 780

The company confirms the authenticity and physical health of Shokouh Red Photocell Model UVZ 780.
In the reference site and Damatajhiz store, all kinds of original Shokouh electronic photocells have been provided for you, dear customers, in order to create a good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

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