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  • مینی چیلر هوایی یکپارچه دماتجهیز 6 تن تبرید
  • مینی چیلر هوایی یکپارچه دماتجهیز 6 تن تبرید
  • مینی چیلر هوایی یکپارچه دماتجهیز 6 تن تبرید
  • مینی چیلر هوایی یکپارچه دماتجهیز 6 تن تبرید

DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

دارای شیر انبساط الکترونیکی مجهز به آنتی فریز، فلوسوئیچ و کنترل فاز مجهز به پمپ سیرکولاسیون و منبع انبساط روی دستگاه دارای کمپرسور اسکرال برند کوپلند / دانفوس (برند اصلی) استفاده از تجهیزات الکترونیکی در تابلو برق از برندهای Schneider،siemens،Danfoss
  • Capacity: 6Tons of Refrigeration
  • Dimensions: 110*110*130 cm
  • Compressor Type: scroll (Danfoss, Copeland)
  • Refrigerant Gas: R22 or R407
  • Equipped with tubular shell evaporator
  • It has an expansion valve, thermostat, solenoid valve, and safety
  • Made of a galvanized sheet of suitable thickness with the ability of disassembly and reassembly

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مجموعه دمـاتجهیــز امکان خرید اقساطی کالاهای سایت را فراهم نموده است. فرایند خرید اقساطی از این روش طی مدت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ روز انجام می شود و...
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PURCHASING GUIDE FOR DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

Mini-chillers or apartment chillers are small and low-noise air-chillers with a capacity of fewer than 20 tons of refrigeration. They can be used in apartments, villas, and buildings that don’t want to deal with the problems of the building’s central engine room and need independent cooling and heating.
Mini-chillers are usually installed on the terrace or roof of the building and their refrigeration cycle has one or several scroll compressors and command circuits based on the capacity. They provide desired cooling for each of the interior spaces of the building by cooling the water in an evaporator, transferring it to the building, and then it is flowing through the coils of the fan coil.

DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

Advantages of Using DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

  • Two-season mini-chiller system
  • Full autonomy of the air conditioning cost of the units in the mini-chiller system
  • No wind noise due to the removal of the channel in the mini-chiller
  • Lower deprecation and noise as well as a long lifespan due to the small number of moving parts in the mini chiller system
  • It can be located in an open space such as a roof (rooftop) or terrace
  • No large space is needed for installation due to the significantly low dimensions and weight of the mini-chiller
  • High reliability, the capability of supplying low tonnage, low power consumption
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance of the mini-chiller
  • Functionality in arid and tropical areas
  • No cooling tower is needed in the system of the mini-chiller
  • Non-freezing due to the use of proper evaporator for tubular shell
  • Independence room temperature
  • No sound transmission to other rooms

Technical Specifications of DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

  • Compressor
  1. The compressor of the device is scroll type with IP54 protection grade and 7.5-tons of nominal refrigeration capacity manufactured by Danfoss or Copeland company and equipped with a heater crankcase and R407 or R22 refrigerant gas.
  2. It should be noted that the compressor of each device is equipped with a tracking code to detect the original compressor from the counterfeit one. All purchase documentation of the compressor from the mentioned company can be provided at the customer’s request.

Note: Compressor type and used parts may be changed concerning the conditions.

  • Evaporator
  1. The type of evaporator is TUBE&SHELL with a steel shell where low-pressure dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon) fluid flows in the copper tube and cold water flows through the internal space of the shell.
  2. Inner pipes are made of copper with suitable thickness and 5-blades aluminum stars in the copper tube for increasing the heat transfer coefficient, tube sheets are made of ST52 steel, baffles are made of Teflon with 5mm to 7mm thickness, and Psi300 testing condition produced under the 359 SB ASME/ASTM359 standard.
  3. The outer wall of the evaporator shell of the pipes in the suction path is insulated to raise efficiency and prevent the loss of freezing.
  • Air Condenser
  1. The coils of the condenser are made of curved aluminum blades and expanded copper tubes to fully connect with blades and remove the contact resistance in heat transfer. After the expansion step, they are completely washed and degreased in a special basin with peculiar detergents. It should be noted that the presence of oil in all stages of producing fin and coil is inevitable; hence, this step of production is considerably important since oil-coated coils are instantly covered with dust and become useless.
  • Fan and Electromotor
  1. DamaTajhiz integrated mini air-chiller 5-tons of refrigeration has a sucker fan with 70cm diameter and aluminum blades (produced by Damandeh company or other similar companies) protected by a proper guard. The connection between the fan and the electric motor is drive-direct.
  • Electrical Components and Electrical Enclosure
  1. The ability to connect to the management system of the building automatically applies required changes if necessary concerning the changes in environmental conditions. Furthermore, phase control is used to disconnect electric current when the three-phase voltage of the network is asymmetrically caused by the difference in the feedback of the return voltage of electro-motor in two-phase mode or difference in the network.
  2. The automatic switch to cut off the compressor current in the case of the additional currents exceeded the limit of the contactor. When each compressor consumes excess ampere; this controller operates and removes the compressor from the circuit. Also, the main connection switch on the head of the input and output wires and the head of the special pressed wires as well as the panel cabin are made of steel sheets with proper thickness covered with electrostatic powder color.
  • Controllers
  1. The expansion valve is an adjustable thermal valve that reduces the refrigerant liquid before it enters the evaporator and prepares it for evaporation at the temperature of the evaporator.
  2. A thermostat is used to control the water temperature of the evaporator and the capacity of the device equipped with gauge pressure for controlling the thrust and suction pressure. If the pressure is excessively low or high, the compressor will shut off.
  3. Oil Pressure Control is installed individually to control the oil pressure of each compressor. It will order to cut off if the difference between the oil pressure and the pressure of the compressor compartment goes lower than the specified limit.
  4. Solenoid valve: It is connected and disconnected by the bobbin installed on its stalk. The path of the refrigerant liquid is opened when the bobbin of the solenoid valve is electrified and this path will be closed if the current is disconnected.
  5. Relief valve: It demonstrates the amount of gas and moisture in the liquid line.
  6. Dryer-filter is employed to absorb moisture in the path of the refrigerant liquid and Suction-filter is used to prevent the entry of impurities.
  7. Anti-freeze: It is installed in DamaTajhiz mini chiller systems to prevent the water from freezing in the evaporator.

Other Technical Specifications of DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

  • Chassis made of 3mm thick galvanized sheet with oil-color or epoxy coating
  • Structure made of 3mm thick galvanized sheet with electrostatic powder color
  • The body is made of a galvanized sheet with appropriate thickness and covered with polyester electrostatic powder color
  • Screw assembly with the ability to disassemble and reassemble
  • The whole process of manufacturing the structure of the machine is carried out by the punch-press machine with modern technology.

If you need more information for deciding to buy mini chiller systems contact us.

Warranty and After-Sales Services of DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air Chiller 6 Ton

DamaTajhiz Integrated Mini Air-Chiller 6-Tons has an 18-month warranty and 20 years of after-sales services provided by the DamaTajhiz company.

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