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  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18
  • DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split DT.DS.18

DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

برق مصرفی تکفاز + رده انرژی A قابلیت اتصال به کویل آبگرم جهت تامین گرمایش گاز مبرد R410a و کمپرسور روتاری و فن سه سرعته (از نوع فوق کم صدا) دارای ابعاد کوچک و وزن کم (کمترین فضای موردنیاز برای نصب یونیت داخلی)
  1. Function: Heating and Cooling
  2. For the area of 25 to 40 m2 (according to the conditions)
  3. The ability to connect to the hot-water coil for providing heating
  4. Dimensions of internal unit(D, H, W): 750*295*1145mm
  5. Power consumption: Single phase
  6. Energy label: A
  7. External static pressure: 1.5/4.2 MPa
  8. Fan performance at medium, low, and high speed
  9. Washable air filter

Pre-sale Services :

Engineering consulting
Calculating and Determining the capacity

Warranty and after-sale Services :

24 months DamaTajhiz golden warranty + 20 years technical support
Tax excluded

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Guide to Choose and Buy DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

If you want to buy a normal Ducted Split (split channel) or an inverter, without paying high costs, long delivery time, space price and lack of proper response from most traditional and old brands of the facility market, you have come to the right place and we sincerely thank you. Congratulations on this!
We hope that by reading the items presented below and contacting the air conditioning equipment experts in the Damatajhiz collection, you will get a suitable and satisfactory shopping experience from this dynamic collection.
DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18 with a cooling capacity (btu/hr) of 18000 is equipped with a fabric heating coil and a wall thermostat that works with single-phase electricity and is for use in spaces with a size of 35 It is suitable for up to 45 square meters.
DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18 uses R410a refrigerant gas and rotary compressor, in addition to creating cold air, it uses a hot water coil to provide heating in the cold season.
It should be noted that the DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18 is designed and produced with low consumption and with energy class A (to prevent the increase in the cost of electricity consumption).
Ceiling Ducted Splits Damatajhiz is produced in compliance with all principles and technical standards in ventilation capacities (CFM) 1700-400 for construction projects, residential and large and public buildings.
One of the important points in choosing Ducted Splits is to consider their aeration volume, which is usually equal to 400 cfm of suitable aeration volume per ton of refrigeration.
Due to the type of low consumption compressor and with low ampere, the ceiling DamaTajhiz Ducted Splits can be used for apartments up to 130 square meters, single phase Ducted Splits with 32-ampere single-phase electricity meter and three-phase electricity demand is required.

DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

Features of DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

  • Several spaces can be ventilated with a single unit.
  • High, medium, and low speeds are available for the fan
  • using resilient polymeric fans (of the ultra-low noise type)
  • Contains a cloth spa coil for ambient heating
  • Insulation against heat and sound is used inside the device's internal structure.
  • containing protective pressure, flow, and phase control devices
  • Using the fresh air route, it is capable of supplying fresh air.
  • equipped with a rotary compressor (primary brand) that uses incredibly little power
  • Small in size and light in weight (minimum space needed to install the indoor unit)
  • Due to the device's usage of propellers with unique designs and angles, the noise level is low
  • Copper pipes with inside grooves are used to boost the device's effectiveness.
  • Conduct the leak test and pressure test on the cooling and heating coil with 300 psi of pressure.
  • Up to 52 degrees Celsius, suitable for usage in tropical and extremely hot climates.
  • It has a digital thermostat with something like a smart touch screen (automatic cooling and heating control)
  • equipped with a synthetic fibre anti-fungal filter that is easily replaceable and machine washable for capturing very small particles.

Technical Specifications of DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

  • Compressor

In the 18000-folded ceiling duct, the DT.DS.18 model uses a powerful and low -consumption of the main brand (with identification and product authenticity) with low-power R410A refrigerant gas.
It should be noted that each device has a compressor equipped with a tracking code to detect the original compressor from the counterfeit compressor that can be offered in all compressor purchase documentation from the aforementioned company.

  • fan electric motor

It has a centrifugal fan made of metal (galvanized) with minimum decibels of sound, dynamic and static balance, metal volute and a three-speed single-phase electromotor.

  • coil for cooling and heating

The Iranian rivals in the production of cooling and heating coils are the obvious distinction between the Ducted Split and their products.
With 8.3 inches diameter and 14 fins per inch (14 = 14), the cooling and heating coils used in copper ceiling docks produce high cooling and heating.

  • Heating Coil

All capacities of ceiling Ducted Splits produced by the Damatajhiz Company come with a factory hot water coil inside the air conditioner. Consequently, installing hot water coils does not require occupying additional space or costing more due to the space restrictions on fake ceilings.

  • How the coil of DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18 is made?

The coils of this company are made using the most advanced fully automatic machines. In comparison to other similar coils, they benefit from a high thermal exchange level due to the use of advanced fin plate technology.
Copper tubes are mechanically integrated by the expander machine with staggering sinus fins made of plate aluminium sheets so that any air gap between the fins and copper tubes will be eliminated. tray in the ceiling Ducted Split 18000 DamaTajhiz model DT.DS.18 is made of high-quality galvanized material or compact ABS type with a suitable slope, to direct the distilled water from the surface of the cooling coil to the outside of the device.

  • The body

The body of the Duct Ducted Splitting machine is entire of Hot Dip Galvanizing with two layers of polyester electrostatic powder and made by fully automatic devices.

  • Insulation

Compressed Air flex (compressed polyethene with 3mm thickness) is used for the insulation of the device to prevent heat loss, cooling, and reducing the decibel of the device sound.

  • Filter

    A washable, anti-fungal polyamide filter that is easy to replace and move is included in the Ducted Splits made by the specialized collection of DamaTajhiz. This filter helps to remove airborne dust and fluff.

  • Electric

The company accomplishes internal cabling and the installed terminals on the outside of the device are ready to install input power from the electrical enclosure.

Key considerations for purchasing various types of thermal equipment split-duct ceilings

  • In the first step, to choose the Ducted Split, you should pay attention to the dimensions, capacity, type of use and installation location of the Ducted Split. Because Ducted Splits are produced and supplied in different types with different cooling, heating, and ventilation capacities, before buying Ducted Splits, you should consider the size, usage, and climatic conditions of your environment.
  • To determine the capacity and number of types of Ducted Split DamaTajhiz required for the project, it is suggested that you send the latest architectural plan to our experts first.
  • After determining the capacity and number of required ceiling Ducted Splits, their location is based on various parameters such as the presence of a false ceiling, the possibility of ducting, how to run the pipes of the device to the outer panel, how to run the hot water piping to the heating coil, the most suitable installation position in terms of The amount of sound and... is determined.
  • Ceiling Ducted Splits DamaTajhiz are generally installed under the false ceiling of apartment units in a hidden manner and through the channels that are connected to them, cool air or warm air in different spaces of the respective unit in an appropriate manner. they distribute
  • One of the important points after choosing the Ducted Split is to design the basic plan and engineering of the ducting based on the most suitable dimensions and passageway, which the company DamaTajhiz designs the channel of the Ducted Split system of the projects based on the principles of channel design and with The use of specialized software in this regard is carried out and presented to the esteemed buyer.
  • Regarding the cost of running air distribution channels and running copper pipes between the internal panel and the external unit, as a general conclusion, the cost of running it can be considered to be about 20-30% of the initial purchase price of Ducted Splits. The estimate is approximate and its exact value depends on various factors such as the type and type of channel, the length of the channel path and the distance between the inner and outer panels and other factors)

Determining the Capacity and Installing DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

Provide the most recent architectural plan of the units and levels of your building to our specialists through fax or email to help them calculate the capacity and number of Ducted Splits of DamaTajhiz needed for the project.
Typically, every 30 or 40 square meters of the total and gross area of the apartment is considered to be approximately one ton of refrigeration during the initial estimation of the Ducted Split cooling capacity required for each apartment in climatic conditions like Tehran and middle floors of the building (which are not exposed to sunlight on the roof in summer and the coldness of the roof surface in winter) (each ton of refrigeration is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs per hour).
Consequently, it is preferable to utilize two Ducted Split devices for each residential unit if its area is greater than 120 square meters.
You can use single-phase Ducted Splits with single-phase but 50 amp electricity if your residential units are even up to 200 square meters.
While selecting and purchasing Ducted Splits, it's important to take into account their aeration volume, which is typically equal to 400 CFM for every ton of Ducted Split capacity. It goes without saying that if there is less aeration, the Ducted Split volume will be lower, and if there is more aeration, the Ducted Split volume will be larger.
In addition, for added convenience, you can use the following rough calculation table to establish the necessary Ducted Split capacity, based on the terms and fundamentals of the calculations indicated above:

Ducted split capacity determination table

It should be noted that this figure is approximative and only applies to residential flats with weather circumstances similar to those in Tehran, with 2.8 meters between the ceiling and the floor, no crowding or usage of high-energy-consuming electrical equipment, no glass facades or sides, and no rise in latent heat. On the west side of the intended space or building, glass is notably available. Following the determination of the capacity and number of required ceiling Ducted Splits, their location is determined based on numerous characteristics such as the presence of a false ceiling, the feasibility of ducting, how to run the device's pipes to the exterior panel, how to run the hot water piping to the heating coil, the most suitable installation position in terms of The amount of sound, and so on. The ducting plan from the ceiling Ducted Split to each of the spaces (hall or rooms) is produced and sent based on the most suitable proportions and passing over the false ceiling. According to frequently asked questions from residential unit builders about the cost of implementing air distribution and return channels inside the units, as well as the installation of copper pipes between the inner duct and the outer panel, the cost of their implementation can be estimated to be around 20 to 30% of the initial purchase price of Ducted Splits. (Of course, this is an estimate based on several parameters such as the length of the journey and the distance between the two internal and external panels.)
Consider whether the energy needed is single-phase or three-phase () as well as the amperage (A) of the electricity consumed according to the power and specifications of your unit's electricity meter before choosing and ordering the purchase of any of the aforementioned ceiling Ducted Splits.

Purchase requisition and guarantee for DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18

The DamaTajhiz Ceiling Ducted Split 18000 Model DT.DS.18 comes with a 10-year after-sale guarantee as well as a 24-month golden warranty of DamaTajhiz (with the option of replacing the compressor).
Technical details and prices for DamaTajhiz ceiling Ducted Split in a variety of capacities with a golden guarantee are offered on the reference and specialized collection site of DamaTajhiz so you can take pleasure in the excellent sensation of efficient and intelligent purchasing.
Click on the "Technical Specifications" tab on the product page to view and learn more about the DamaTajhiz ceiling Ducted Splits' warranty and technical specs.

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