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Selection and Purchase Guide for DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800

DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800 is manufactured with 800 CFM of aeration capacity under technical principles and common standards for construction projects.

Technical Specifications of DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800

Specifications of DamaTajhiz Fan Coil Unit

  • DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit has three-row aluminum and copper coils (with 8 tubes in each row), each with 8.3 inches of diameter and 12 FPI of distance from each other.DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800
  • DamaTajhiz coils are manufactured with the most advanced fully automatic machines and have larger heat exchange surfaces compared to other coils due to using sophisticated Fin Plate technology.
  • Copper tubes are mechanically integrated onto staggered sinusoidal aluminum plate fins by the Expander machine to eliminate distances between fins and copper tubes.
  • After being manufactured, all coils are degreased with a degreasing solution and tested at 200 PSI of pressure.
  • THE reliable operating pressure for DamaTajhiz Fan Coil Unit is 8 bar and suitable for buildings with up to 20 floors.

Specifications of Fan and Electro Motor

Centrifugal fan of DamaTajhiz Fan Coil Unit is made of ABS with minimum noise, being statically and dynamically balanced with a propylene snail. It should be noted that ABS aeration fans of DamaTajhiz Fan Coil Units can resist up to 100 °C. Moreover, floor-standing fan coil units have single-phase three-speed electro motors with 0.55 A that are manufactured under the license of Italian Sisme Company.

Frame Specifications

The body assembly includes hinges, inlet and outlet air, and doors made of ABS. Also, aluminum profile fasteners and a front tray of hot-dip galvanized sheet with a powder coating of polyester electrostatic paint.


The device is insulated with a glued back compressed Airo Flex insulator (3mm thick compressed polyethylene) to prevent heat loss and cold and reduce device noise.


Aluminum plate and washable filter can eliminate particles in the air, given filtering type. In these filters, grid sheets are put on each other.

Distillation Pan

Galvanized distillation pan with a proper slope to direct distilled water from coil surface in warm seasons. To prevent decay, the distillation pan is coated with epoxy powder coating.

Air outlet

The air outlet is made of ABS with the ability to adjust the desired direction.

Advantages of DamaTajhiz Decorative Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800

  • Highly appropriate size to be installed easily
  • Three standard speeds with low noise
  • Electronic heating coils can be used if customer demands
  • Easy access to fan and electromotor for periodic maintenance
  • Easily usable deaeration valve
  • It can be manufactured with two air return conditions: from below and from back
  • Washable and high durable filter with easy installation and replacement
  • Insulator used under distillation pan to prevent it from sweating
  • High heating capacity with three-row coil

Determination of DamaTajhiz Fan Coil Units Capacity

One of the most important things in selecting fan coil units is to determine their capacities. For this purpose, you can use the following approximated table:

Fan coil capacity determination table

Warranty and After-sale Services for DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800

DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800 has 18 months of warranty along with 20 years of after-sale services of DamaTajhiz Company.

Type floor-mounted
Function heating & cooling
Height 600 میلیمتر
Length 1600 میلیمتر
Width 230 میلیمتر
Power Consumption تکفاز 220 ولت
Capacity 800
نوع کالا Fan Coil

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Path: > > > > DamaTajhiz Floor-standing Fan Coil Unit DT.GFC800
Model DTGFC800
Installation position


Aeration capacity (CFM) 800
Coil Specifications Row number 3
Size of copper tubes (inch) 3/8"
Fin per inch (Fpi) 12
Cooling Total Cooling Capacity (BTU/Hr) 24,400
Water Flow (GPM) 5
Heating Total Heating Capacity (BTU/Hr) 62,750
Water Flow (GPM) 6.5
Engine Number 2
Power (W) 2*45
Flow (A) 2*2.25
Dimensions (cm) Length 162
Width 22
Height 60

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