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  • Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816
  • Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

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دارای امکانات منحصر به فرد قابل ارائه در 3 تیپ طبق جدول دارای شیرآلات و دوش ثابت و متحرک ابعاد سونا بخار(طول*عرض):150*150 cm امکانات ماساژور، سیستم صوتی و روشنایی و... بصورت آبشنال طبق جدول
  • Has a stylish and beautiful design
  • Dimensions of steam sauna (length * width): 150 * 150 cm
  • Has fixed and movable valves and showers
  • Massager facilities, sound, and lighting system, etc.
  • Has unique features
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Purchasing Guide for Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816 has a shower room and shower cabin, roof and shower, and a glass door and a shower cabin including a bathtub and a glass cabin with a roof.
Zarrinab apartment sauna valves include a hot and cold mixing valve and outlet selection valve (hydroshower, foot massager, bathtub filler, fixed and movable shower).
The fixed and movable shower includes a hand shower as well as a ceiling shower, which is activated by changing the valve selection mode.

Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

Features Of Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

  • Jacuzzi: Includes water pump and a number of massage jets inside the cabin bathtub.
  • Foot massager: separated from the body of the device and placed on the bottom of the device to massage the foot with water.
  • Hydroshower: Small water massagers that massage the neck and back by spraying water while sitting on a chair.
  • Audio and telephone system: Includes amplifier and telephone input, where the sound of the device is played through the speaker inside the cabin, and the microphone inside the cabin can be used to talk on the phone.
  • Lighting system: Turned on and off by the control panel inside the cabin, which includes a low voltage moonlight.
  • Ventilation: Zarrinab apartment sauna includes a small fan that directs the air inside the cabin to the outside.
  • Steam sauna: An electric steam generator is located in the back of the cabin and the steam generated is directed into the cabin through a special pipe.
  • Stained glass: The devices are offered with clear or colored glass, which stained glass is more expensive than clear glass.
  • TV: Zarrinab apartment sauna has an 8-inch LCD that is installed on the back of the device.
  • Music player (MP3): They have an electronic board with the ability to connect to flash memory to play audio files.
  • Disinfectant: An electronic board that disinfects the cabin by producing ozone.
  • Life-saving switch: This switch detects any weak current in the body of the device and cuts off the main power of the device in a fraction of a second.

For more information about Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816, please refer to the price and technical specifications section on this page.

Warranty and after-sales service of Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816

Zarrinab Steam Apartment Sauna Model A816 has a 1-year warranty.
In the reference site and store of DamaTajhiz, all kinds of Zarrinab steam saunas with guaranteed prices and the original product guarantee have been provided for Customers to have a good sense of optimal and smart purchase of jacuzzis.

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