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Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600

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Warranty :

18 Months Energy warranty

After-sale Services :

10 Years

  1. Dimensions (L, W, H): 90*90*99
  2. For 85-120 square meters of area (depending on conditions)
  3. Engine Power (HP): 3/4
  4. Thermostatic control and RCCB safety control

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Selection and Purchase Guide for Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600 :

Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600 that is usually manufactured and delivered to be installed on terraces and balconies of residential buildings is an appropriate choice to cool houses as well as commercial and official places.

The cooled air outlet of Energy up-flow Evaporative Coolers is placed on top of the frame. Thus, these coolers can intake air from four directions, passing and cooling it through cellulose pads to the intended place.

Use of a cellulose pad as a replacement for common pads in Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600 results in an increased cooling (approximately by 2-3 °C) and prevents the entrance of dust into the cooler channel due to higher water absorption of cellulose pad, regular, corrugated, and uniform layers of cellulose pad, uniform distribution of water on cellulose pad, and as a result, the greater effective contact surface between passing air and wet surface.

As it can be understood from the name, this product operates with three-phase electricity and is suitable for large places.

Technical specifications and guaranteed prices along with an original warranty for cellulose evaporative coolers with different capacities are provided on the DamaTajhiz website for your good feelings of an intelligent and optimized purchase.

Advantages of Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600 :

  • CE Certificate No. 8013820084080Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler

  • Cooling efficiency higher than 83%

  • Thermostatic control, RCCB safety control, two-pole shutter key

  • Self-stability of cellulose pad in comparison to common pads and stable cooling efficiency

  • Reduced amount of dust and bacteria harmful to breathing

  • The adjustability of ventilator speed and transformation of single-phase electricity to three-phase by an inverter which is installed on model VC0380 if the customer requests.

  • Reduced vibration due to the use of a proper vibration isolator along with an appropriate packing
  • 30% more cooling in comparison to common evaporative coolers

  • Longer lifespan of cellulose pads compared to common pads

  • The strong frame and cooler pan due to the use of 1.25mm thick galvanized sheet

  • Use of weather-resistant powder color

    Various Capacities for Energy Up Flow Cellulose Evaporative Coolers :

  • For middle floor apartments with their roofs not directly receiving sunlight, Energy Cellulose Evaporative Coolers VC0380, VC0600, and VC1100 can be used for up to 80, 120, and 200 square meters of area, respectively.

  • For top floor apartments with their roofs directly receiving sunlight, Energy Cellulose Evaporative Coolers VC0380, VC0600, and VC1100 can be used for up to 50, 85, and 170 square meters of area, respectively.

  • The size of the cooler channel should be greater than that of an evaporative cooler air outlet, otherwise, the air will be compressed passing through the channel, preventing sufficient airflow through the channel. In other words, the greater the channel size, the lower fan static pressure is needed for passing air, and as a result, the greater aeration and cooling of the evaporative cooler will be.

  • Aeration and cooling of evaporative coolers completely depend on the consideration of engineering principals for the channels. Overall, cooler channel calculations have to be done by installation engineers, using ductulator and taking into account standards of path angle (inner arc radius) change and channel size change (with a maximum of 15 degrees).

  • If these considerations are not taken into account, the evaporator cooler will not deliver sufficiently cooled air, and then, as it is seen nowadays, consumers will choose to use other cooling systems with high power consumption, such as split air conditioners, due to this problem.

  • Among the above-mentioned cellulose evaporative coolers, VC1100 is an industrial evaporative cooler with three-phase power consumption, the possibility of inverter installation, two water pumps, and six cellulose pads. According to the table, these coolers have higher aeration and fan static pressure and are suitable for commercial, cultural, educational, sport, recreational, religious, and industrial places.

    Warranty and After-sale Services for Energy Cellulose Evaporative Coolers :

    Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600 has 18 months of warranty along with 10 years of after-sales services of Energy Company.

Type Apartment
Height 99 سانتی متر
Width 90 سانتی متر
Depth 90 سانتی متر
Outlet Placement Up-draft
قدرت الکتروموتور H.P 3/4
Pad Cellulose
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Path: > > > > Energy Cellulose Evaporative Cooler Up-Flow VC0600
Model VC 0600

Up-Flow Home Appliances
Cooling System Evaporative
Power Supply Single-phase - 220 V
Running Current (Amp) 5.3
Aeration CFM 4200
m^3/h 7140
Fan Static Pressure (mm H2O) 2
Engine Power (hp)
Dimensions(mm) Length 90
Width 90
Height 99
Weight (Kg) Product 86
Water 50 Liter
Manufacturer Iran
Dimensions Of Air Outlet (cm)
Width 48.2
Length 48.2

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