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  • TG dry vertical Manometer 15-cm screen
  • TG dry vertical Manometer 15-cm screen

TG dry vertical Manometer 15-cm screen

محدوده دمای کاری (سانتیگراد): 60+~40- کاربرد در صنایع سبک نظیر سیستم‌های تهویه مطبوع، موتورخانه‌های گرمایشی و برودتی، بویلرها ...
  • Working temperature range (C): +60~-40
  • Application in light industries such as air conditioning systems, heating and cooling engines, boilers...
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Guide to choosing and buying TG dry vertical Manometer 15 cm screen

TG dry vertical manometer, 15 cm screen, is from the AAL series of TG pressure gauges, which are available in different models with a pressure measurement range of 0 to 60 bar, for use in light industries and to measure the pressure of gases and liquids that do not harm brass metal.

TG manometer, made in China, is one of the well-known brands with a reasonable price of manometer in the Iranian market, which is offered in various sizes from 4 to 15 cm with different pressure measurement ranges for various applications.

Among the applications of TG manometer, it is possible to measure the pressure of various systems such as air conditioning industries, heating and cooling engines, boilers, booster pumps, medical gases, compressors, steam boilers, etc.

TG dry vertical manometer 15cm

The technical specifications of TG dry vertical manometer with 15 cm screen are as follows

  • Type: dry analog
  • It has a plate with a diameter of 15 cm
  • Type of connection: from the bottom
  • Connection size: 1/2 inch
  • Connection material: brass
  • Body material: steel
  • Ambient temperature range: -40 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Rated by load and psi
  • Pressure measurement range according to load: 1-0/ 1.6-0/ 2.5-0/ 4-0/ 6-0/ 10-0/ 16-0/ 25-0/ 40-0/ 60-0/ 80-0/ 100-0

Dimensions of TG manometer dry vertical plate 15 cm

dimensions of tg vertical manommeter

Guarantee and originality of TG dry Manometer 15 cm vertical

TG manometers have a guarantee of physical health and product authenticity.

On the reference site and store of Damatajhiz, all kinds of original TG manometers, with guaranteed prices, have been presented for you, dear customers, in order to create a good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

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