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  • Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

میزان گرما دهی هر پره : 135 کیلو کالری بر ساعت ابعاد هر پره (ارتفاع،عمق،عرض): 58.8 * 8 * 7.4 سانتیمتر حجم آبگیری: 0.3 لیتر وزن هر پره : 0.92 کیلوگرم دارای مقاومت در برابر زنگ زدگی
  • Rating heat per blade: 135 kcal per hour
  • Each blade dimensions (height, depth, width): 58.8 * 8 * 7.4 cm
  • Each blade weight: 0.92 kg
  • rust resistance
  • Blade blocking: 5-7-10
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Purchasing Guide for Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

Iran Radiator The premium 500 model radiator is an all-die type and each of its blades is produced by die-casting molds.
Iran Radiators Radiators are made according to the latest world standards and before supply, they are subjected to three stages of pressure testing, two stages of color testing, and one stage of flame testing.
One of the points that distinguish the above radiators from similar products is their high heating efficiency and resistance to rust.
Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

Features of Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

  • Working pressure 6bar
  • Has ISO 9001-2000 standard
  • Low thermal inertia for fast response to any control setting
  • Light weight that makes it easy to transport and move in the warehouse.
  • High-quality packaging, lightness, and minimal space occupation due to its unique design
  • Iran Radiators are suitable for use in indirect or closed circuit heating systems with hot water and low-pressure steam.
  • Available in 5, 7, and 10-blade models (when ordering, pay attention to order only a multiple of the available blocks. For example, if you need an Iranian radiator or a 12-blade radiator, you should choose a 5-blade block plus a 7-blade block. Or if you need a 15-blade block, you should choose a 5-blade block plus a 10-blade block of Iran Radiator.)
  • If the heat of a part of your residential or office unit is not enough in winter and the radiator installed in that space is of the Iranian radiator type, Thermo 500 radiator, you can do it without the need to replace the radiators and just by adding a block of 3 or 5 blades to the end of your radiator block (by two nuts and two washers) Provide the required heat in your unit. Of course, the installation or addition to the number of blades of aluminum radiators must be done by an experienced installer.

Installation accessories for each aluminum radiator block

  1. Radiator vent valve
  2. One hand cap radiator pipe
  3. Four aluminum radiator sealing gaskets
  4. Aluminum radiator wall bracket (at least one wall bracket for every 10 blades)
  5. A radiator valve and knee lock or a radiator thermostatic valve with a locking knee: (If you want to be able to adjust the radiator temperature and the temperature of your place of residence in the cold seasons of the year and save fuel consumption and reduce air pollution for It is important for you, we strongly recommend that you use the thermostatic radiator valve with the locking knee of the radiator) In addition to the above benefits, the use of the thermostatic radiator valve also prevents the accumulation of unnecessary heat inside your space and prevents blackening of the walls. In fact, by installing a thermostatic valve for radiators, you make it possible that in many cases in winter, the air in your living space is not too hot, dry, and even annoying by the radiator, and like many people, you have to open it. Do not open the window in winter.

Warranty and after-sale services of Iran Radiator Radiator premium 500

This radiator has a 10-year warranty and a 10-year after-sales service.
In the reference site and DamaTajhiz store, the technical specifications and purchase of aluminum radiator, with the main guarantee, have been provided for you dear ones to create a good feeling of optimal and smart purchase.
To know how to calculate the number of blades of aluminum radiators in Iran Radiator, in addition to referring to the technical specifications of this product, please read the contents provided on the first page of the group of aluminum radiators under the important points of choosing an aluminum radiator.

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