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As you know, one of the important concerns in the hot seasons of the year is the supply of cool air in the place of living and work, and for this purpose, various types of equipment are used for the efficiency of this cool air. One of these pieces of equipment is called a mini chiller. A mini chiller is a cooling device that, after providing cooling, pumps cold water with a pump to the ceiling or ground fan coils installed in the same residential or office unit.
Mini chillers are actually small air chillers with low capacity and noise that are produced and supplied in different sizes and are used for people who want independent cooling.
The price of mini chillers is different as well as their dimensions, and this is the reason to pay attention to all its specifications when choosing. This article provides information about the dimensions of the mini chiller, please stay with us.
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Why are the dimensions of the mini chiller important?

The function of mini chillers is based on the condensation refrigeration cycle and they are installed in the open spaces of the roof or terrace of the building. Mini chillers have many advantages, for example, they occupy small dimensions and do not need a lot of space to be placed and bear weight, and the power consumption of each unit will be independent.
These features have made building builders and people living in apartments widely welcome this air conditioning equipment.
Mini chillers are designed for each unit independently. This feature has made each unit to be independent in paying the cost of electricity consumption and air conditioning system repairs. One of the advantages of being independent is to adjust the temperature of the system according to personal taste and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of mini chillers. In the following, we will mention some of the specifications of the approximate dimensions of mini chillers:

The dimensions of the integrated temperature mini air chiller equipped with 3 tons of refrigeration

Mini chillers, using their scroll compressors, are known for their small dimensions and low noise, although they have a capacity of fewer than 20 tons of refrigeration. Mini chillers are used in apartments, villas, and buildings that intend to have an independent cooling system and are far away from the costs, common electricity, and problems related to the central motor house.
Note: The approximate dimensions of cooling the environment presented in the following tables are based on conditions such as geographical location and weather conditions of the installation site, the floor of the building (not under the roof and placed on the middle floor), a facade of the building (no glass), type of office or residential use, etc. . it depends.

The dimensions of the media air-cooled inverter mini chiller are 5 tons of refrigeration

Media air-cooled inverter mini chiller with 5 tons cooling capacity is often suitable for buildings, commercial complexes, and residential. Normally, mini chillers are used for independent cooling of building units and getting rid of common electricity costs, problems, and annual repairs of the central engine house.
You can also read the article THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AIR COOLED CHILLER AND WATER COOLED CHILLER for more information.


Mini chillers are known as one the independent cooling equipment in building units that are installed in the open spaces of the building such as roofs, terraces, etc. Mini chillers have the property of making apartment units, villas, etc. independent in providing cooling and all related costs. The use of mini chillers with an advanced, programmable, and functional control circuit is one of the other advantages of this modern system.
After supplying the cold water required for cooling the residential or office unit by the mini chiller, we need to install fan coils in each of the rooms and hall of the respective unit, and then by piping, this cold water is connected to the coil of each fan coil and cool air for it. The unit is provided.
In addition, mini chillers up to a capacity of 5 tons usually work using single-phase electricity. However, in case of the buyer's need and order, DamaTajhiz company is able to produce and supply single-phase scroll mini chillers up to 7.5 tons of refrigeration, which are usually responsible for units up to 180 square meters.
The main and most popular mini chiller brands in Iran's air conditioning equipment market include Media, DamaTajhiz, and Green mini chillers.

final word

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