What is a solenoid valve or solenoid valve?

An electric valve or solenoid valve works by using electric energy and magnetic force and is basically an electromechanical valve.
Unlike mechanical valves, the working power of the electric valve is limited, but basically, the design and construction of this valve are such that its maximum working power is used.
The basis of the operation of electric or solenoid valves is that by producing a magnetic field around the coil embedded in the iron core and passing the electric current through the coil, it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and linear movement.
Basically, the solenoid valve is used to control the passage of fluids such as gas, air, steam, and water; Controlling the flow of fluid is done by the solenoid valve coil. In this way, the electric force passes through the coil, and by creating a magnetic field, it moves the iron core and finally causes the path to open and close.
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What is an electric valve or a solenoid valve?

Solenoid structure

As mentioned earlier, solenoid valves are also referred to as solenoid valves. The reason for this name is that the solenoid plays an important role in starting solenoid valves and is basically the same factor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and linear movement. In fact, it is the existence of the solenoid that makes electric valves to be considered a sub-set of electromechanical valves.
For more information about the solenoid valve, we must first understand the structure of the solenoid better;

Solenoid components in solenoid valves

In general, an electric valve consists of the main body (valve) and a solenoid. As mentioned, the solenoid is the agent for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy in solenoid valves.
Solenoid components in solenoid valves

The constituent components of the solenoid are

  • Rewind
  • iron rod (this rod is also called a solenoid socket)
  • Valve and control cable

The constituent components of the solenoid are

The solenoid coil is made of twisted copper wires separated by sheets of insulating greaseproof paper (so that their magnetic force does not affect each other). The overall structure of the coil is covered with a protective varnish to protect it against moisture, fluid effects, and oxidation of solutions.
The rod or mandrel is the moving part of the solenoid valve, this part is made of layers of steel and is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the flow of fluid. The components of the electromagnetic part of the solenoid valve can be seen in the picture below.

details of electric valve

Different components of solenoid valve

  • body
  • Fluid inlet
  • fluid outlet
  • Coil and coil accessories
  • metal bar
  • spring
  • outlet valve

Solenoid valve components

The set of mentioned components forms the structure of the solenoid valve, which is covered by a cap so that dust particles do not enter its structure.
Solenoid valves are divided into different models based on their performance in linear systems. However, they can be broadly classified into direct-action solenoid valves (which are either normally closed or open), NO solenoid valves (normally open), and NC solenoid valves (in They are normally closed) divided.

Important points for choosing and buying an electric or solenoid valve

Several things should be considered when buying and ordering solenoid valves; Regardless of whether the price and the manufacturer of the solenoid valve are important, there are some points that will make the buyer's choice a smart choice:

  • The voltage and current of the solenoid valve, which includes the allowed voltage of the part and the voltage applied to it.
  • The maximum time the solenoid valve is allowed to stay on and work.
  • Type and application of the valve (for cases such as closing or opening the flow of fluid)
  • Opening size and size of solenoid valve connections
  • The allowable working pressure of the device
  • The type of connection can be rib or flange; Another thing that should be considered is the fluid transfer medium, which should be checked in terms of humidity, temperature, and pressure.

Types of solenoid valves based on the number of openings

The number of openings is checked based on the use of the solenoid valve in the system.

  • The two-way solenoid valve has two openings.

The two-way solenoid valve that has two openings.

  • Three-way solenoid valve that has three openings.

Three-way solenoid valve that has three openings.

  • A four-way solenoid valve that has four openings.

A four-way solenoid valve that has four openings.

Solenoid valves are also used in compressed air pneumatic systems; One of the routine applications of electric valves in such systems is to use them in automatic doors, where the operation of the solenoid valve has a direct effect on the jack and hydraulics of these types of doors.

Advantages of using electric or solenoid valves

  • High speed: which is the same fast function in disconnecting and connecting the fluid flow.
  • Increased reliability
  • Efficiency and long life
  • Integrated design and ease of use
  • Low power consumption

In the electric valves section of the reference website and store, you can check and choose the types of electric valves you need in terms of size, brand, working pressure, fluid type, price, and other technical specifications.

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