Fara Electric Softener & Descaler

In 1382, Fara Electric Company began to manufacture electronic water descalers. After that, in 1389, it took an important step in the field of facility equipment with the production of electronic scale removers with wide radio waves in industrial and domestic dimensions, and today it is known as the largest company in the field of localization of this technology.

Fara-electric softener and descaling device at a glance

EDS electronic scale remover is the first product of Fara Electric company's series of electronic softeners, which was widely produced in 2012. With the presentation of EDS technology based on the world's current performance, a safe and accessible alternative for softening and desalination of hard water has been offered.

Fara-electric softener and descaler

Fara electric softener and anti-scaling features

  • Wide effect area
  • Reduce corrosion rate
  • Maintaining performance in stagnant water conditions
  • Ease of installation: no need to cut the pipe anymore.
  • Using modern technology in England (approved by the gas company of that country)
  • Symmetrical performance: EMS protects leading installations against sedimentation.
  • Reducing the growth rate of bacteria and pathogens (especially in swimming pools and cooling towers)

Buy a Fara-electric softener and descaling agent

It is necessary to remove the hardness or the salts in the water because the salts in the water, when the water is heated or even cooled, in the form of deposits on the heat exchange surfaces such as the inner surfaces of the tubes and the combustion chamber of the central heating boilers, the coils of the coil sources, the surfaces The heat exchange in the heat exchanger, condenser and evaporator of chillers, fan coils, air conditioners, etc. are stuck and reduce the heat transfer and as a result reduce the heat exchange and system efficiency. Determine the desired size and capacity.

The price of the Fara-electric softener and descaling remover

All EMS Fara-electric ultrasonic electronic scale removers can be returned 4 to 6 months after installation if the buyer is not satisfied with the operation and have a 2-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service. The price of all types of ultrasonic softeners can be found on the website. Investigate the expertise of temperature equipment.

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