For the first time in the history of Iran, Butane ALUMINUM RADIATOR Company entered the market by producing and providing gas cylinders, gas stoves and gas heaters, and revolutionary cooking and heating systems that removed the troubles of using firewood and coal from homes forever. In the following, after the brief introduction of Bhutan company, we will introduce you to the types of radiators of this company, as well as the features, capacities, technical specifications, and reasonable prices of each of them, so it is suggested that you stay with us until the end of this article.


Bhutan Company was established in 1332 with the aim of creating prosperity and comfort for Iranian families. This company initially produced gas cylinders, gas stoves, and gas heaters; Today, Butane ALUMINUM RADIATOR Company is one of the pioneers in the production of household appliances and heating equipment.
Relying on its constant commitment to quality, innovation, and providing services needed by customers, Bhutan Company won the title of the largest producer of gas appliances and LPG cylinders in the country in 1360 and introduced its first water heater to the country's market in 1367. did

Product variety and capacity in butane radiators

All Butane radiator models have the European CE standard and are usually marketed with a working pressure of 6 bar, but to produce radiators with a higher working pressure, they are tested for leakage and destruction.
Butane aluminum radiators are produced in Il Primo, Elena, and Vittoria models, and each model has a different number of fins (for use in different areas).

Iran Radiator Aluminum Radiator Butane

Buy Butane aluminum radiator

To buy, keep in mind that in order to calculate the approximate capacity of the required aluminum radiator, you must determine the number of its fins according to the area you want. On the specialized website of Dematahheez, all the technical information on Butane aluminum radiators, with the original warranty, has been provided for your loved ones to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Butane aluminum radiator prices

To choose and buy an aluminum radiator of Butane, you are suggested to see all the information you need to choose and buy aluminum radiators on the specialized website of Dematahheez. All the radiators available on the website of the Damatajhiz collection have reasonable prices and the discounts desired by the consumers have been included in these prices.

What factors have made butane radiators a reliable product?

Butane ALUMINUM RADIATOR is produced in full die-cast form by observing technical and safety points and is subjected to various quality tests before being released to the market. The aforementioned aluminum radiator is produced in various models and different heating capacities and is very suitable for use in homes and office environments.

Warranty and after-sales service of Butane ALUMINUM RADIATOR

These radiators have a 24-month warranty subject to the installation of authorized work service and the after-sales service of the Butan company.

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