MI3 cast iron boiler of Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran Co.

The cast iron boilers of Iran Machinery Co., Ltd. are designed for better heat transfer and proper heat distribution in their design in order to achieve maximum efficiency. In the following, after the brief introduction of Iran Machinery Company, we will introduce you to the types of cast iron boilers of this company, as well as the features, capacities, technical specifications and reasonable prices of each of them. Therefore, it is recommended to stay with us until the end of this article. Be.

About MI3 cast iron boilers of Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran Company

 Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran (LMI) Company started operating since 1338 with the aim of producing cast iron pipes and fittings for water supply as well as MI3 cast iron boilers for providing heating in buildings. Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran Company is, in fact, the first iron smelting and producing unit in Iran, which currently produces MI3 cast iron boilers with a capacity range of 20,000 to 1,200,000 kcal/hour. "Lule va Mashinsazi" is a Persian phrase that means "Pipe and Machine-building" in english. 

Variation in model and capacity of MI3 cast iron boilers of LMI Co.

Iran Pipe and Machinery MI3 cast iron boilers are produced and marketed in 7 models: S, M, Super M90, S90, M90, L90 and Hyper.

Buy a MI3 cast iron boiler of Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran Co.

Before buying, keep in mind to determine the approximate capacity of MI3 cast iron boilers. In the specialized site of Damatajhiz collection, all the technical information of Iranian machine-made cast iron boilers, with original warranty, has been presented for you to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

 The price of MI3 cast iron boiler of Luleh va Mashinsazi Iran

In order to choose and buy MI3 cast iron boiler, it is suggested that you view all the information you need to choose and buy a suitable cast iron boiler on the specialized website of Damatheheez. All the cast iron boilers available on the website of Damatajhiz collection have reasonable prices and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

The minimum equipment needed for a simple engine room

1. Central heating boiler of engine room (cast iron boiler or steel boiler?)
2. Augustat immersed in the pot
3. Manometer thermometer (installation on the pot)
4. Burner (type of fuel?)
5. Burner gas hose and filter with the correct size (or diesel nozzle and filter for a diesel burner)
6. Spa source (coil or double wall?)
7. Temperature and pressure assurance "1" (installation on the spa source)
8. Linear circulator pump (usually 2 inches HV or 2 inches AA or 2 inches A6 or 2 inches A7 or ... based on the size of the infrastructure)
9. Wall Augustat (function command to the circulator pump)
10. Spa return pump (usually linear pump "1)
11. One inch spa pump return flange
12. Expansion source (galvanized or aluminum?)
13. Expansion source floater (with a metal or plastic ball?)
14. Electrical panel of the engine house (at least 5 keys)

Authenticity and guarantee of MI3 cast iron boilers

MI3 cast iron pot of Iranian Pipe and Machine Company has a 5-year warranty (from the time of delivery) and lifetime after-sales service.

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