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Zilmet Italy Pressure Tank

Zilmet Italy is one of the most reliable and popular Italian brands in the field of heating equipment supply. Zilmet Italy Co. was established in 1955, and at first, its most important activity was sheet metal work. In 1965, this company began to produce expansion tanks and heat exchangers.

Zilmet Italy pressure tank and company at a glance

Zilmet Italy products are among their best and most high-quality products, including Zilmet plate heat exchangers and pressure tanks in the indirect water heater category. This company currently produces and supplies more than eight million products annually. Zimlet Italy products have ISO 9002-9001 and European CE certificates.
Zilmet company's main activity is designing and producing pressure and expansion tanks and plate heat exchangers. Zilmet pressure tanks' role is to transfer water from the source to the pipes, directing and controlling them to increase the system's water pressure during consumption. The Zilmet Italy pressure tank is produced in various capacities, from 24 to 1000 liters.

Types of Zilmet Italy pressure tank

Pressure tanks can be classified based on various factors such as the type of operation, working pressure, the water volume of the closed circuit system, and even the place of usage. We offer Zilmet Italy pressure tanks in three categories: package, tube, and diaphragm, and two working pressures, including 10 and 16 bars.

Buy a Zilmet Italy pressure tank

Dear users, you can choose and purchase the Zilmet pressure tanks through the reference and specialized site of Damatajhiz.
To choose a pressure tank, you should pay attention to the type of your project, the capacity of the pressure tank, your required pressure, and the reason for using the pressure tank.

Zilmet Italy pressure tank price

To know the exact price for any of the Zilmet Italy pressure tanks, you can refer to the specialized website of Damatajhiz. We provide all kinds of Zilmet pressure tanks at the most reasonable prices on our website to our dear users. So you can experience an easy and smart purchase with us.

How to calculate the capacity of the Zilmet pressure tank

Expansion tanks are usually used for two important reasons:

To cover and control changes in water volume inside closed circuit systems such as engine rooms and packages due to changes in water temperature
Keeping the water inside at an optimal pressure to prevent the frequent turning on/off of the water pump, thus increasing the lifespan and reducing the wear and tear of the water supply pumps
In general, to calculate the capacity of the pressure tanks, you need to consider 10 to 15 liters per residential unit. The Zilmet pressure tanks are available in diaphragm and tube models with 10 and 16-bar working pressures.

Zilmet Italy pressure tank guarantee

All of the Zilmet Italy pressure tanks have a guarantee of authenticity and the physical health of the product.

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Pressurized Source 60 liters Zilmet tube

Pressurized Source 60 liters Zilmet tube

  • Type: source under tube pressure
  • Capacity: 60 liters
  • Working pressure: 10 times
  • Application: Home water supply systems and heating packages
  • Input and output connections: 1 inch
  • Out-of-Stock

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