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Gas Meter (Gas Leak Detector)

As you know, the main prerequisite for doing anything is to have proper information about that subject.In order to choose, review the prices, buy and know more about gas meters, the following contents are included so that you, dear visitors of the specialized website of Damatajhiz, can use these information to choose and buy different types of gas meters from Bentech, Douyi, etc. brands in bulk.

What is a gas meter?

Safety equipment can be considered one of the most essential and practical products in various industries. The gas meter is one of these safety tools that measure the number of gases in the surrounding environment using various technologies. The gas meter can be used in various industries, such as mining, gas, petrochemical, oil, etc., to increase safety. The gas meter protects employees' lives against poisoning and fire by measuring ambient gases and warning if the limit is exceeded. In other words, depending on its type, the gas meter measures the number of gases in the environment. If the concentration of that polluting gas exceeds the red lines and limits, it alerts people with signs such as warning lights or alarms.

There are different types of gas meters, and they can be divided into different aspects:

  • Mobile or fixed gas meter
  • Calibrable or non-calibrable gas meter
  • Single-gas or multi-gas gas meter (single-function or 4-function gas meter)

Gas Meter (Gas Leak Detector)

The useful life of gas measuring devices can be 5 years or even more depending on the amount of use, timely calibration, and correct use. Another critical issue regarding the correct operation and longer life of the gas meter is to buy a suitable model, with quality and original, and of course, suitable for the work environment, which is possible by buying from a reputable and reliable store. There are gas meters with different brands and qualities in the market, which have almost the same function, and their task is to monitor and warn in an emergency.

In the following, we examine different types of gas meters.

Portable or fixed gas meter

The mobile gas meter can be moved and carried by one person, and the battery is used to supply the required energy for the device. On the other hand, a fixed gas meter is installed in a fixed place to ensure the regional security of employees during the day to warn people in case of a problem (decreasing oxygen or increasing polluting and dangerous gases).

 Portable or fixed gas meter

Gasometer calibration

Calibration in analyzers and safety and industrial equipment means testing and measuring the accuracy and error of the device in diagnosis and measurement. Gas meters with the ability to be calibrated can perform this test and verification.
It is vital to maintain the accuracy of the gas meter's performance and its calibration (if you use a calibratable type) in certain time intervals.
Because over time, the accuracy of the gas meter may decrease due to exposure to various gases and dust. By reducing the accuracy, the concentration of dangerous environmental gases may not be detected correctly, and the expected performance of the gas meter may not be seen, which puts people's lives in danger.
Therefore, the periodic calibration of the gas meter by experts is critical to maintaining the safety of people.

Single function gas meter and four function gas meter

Unlike multi-function (or multi-gas) gas meters, single-function (or single-gas) gas meters can only detect and measure one gas's concentration in the air. Most of the old gas meters are of this type, but the newer ones are all designed and made for multi-purpose.

 Single function gas meter and four function gas meter

Four gas meters can detect 4 important gases at the same time.

It should be noted that the warning level can be adjusted and different. These 4 essential gases are:

  • oxygen
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Flammable gases based on methane

The last 3 are dangerous gases that increase their concentration to more than the standard and reduce the amount of oxygen needed to less than the allowed amount, which can endanger users' health.

 4 function gas meter and four function gas meter

In the gas meter group of the DAMATAJHIZ reference site, information and prices of Bentec and Doi brand gas meters with original warranty have been presented for you to review and buy, dear users and employers.

According to the technical information and reasonable prices provided for all types of building control and safety equipment and supplies on the specialized site of Damatajhiz, we sincerely hope that you, dear user, while reading the full technical specifications provided, with the confidence of the original guarantee + fast delivery of the products, will choose Damatajhiz for Choose the product you need (from a single product to a bulk purchase for companies and construction projects) across the country and even in neighboring countries and the Middle East region.

In addition to a valid business license from the heating and air-conditioning trade union, DAMATAJHIZ has an electronic trust symbol. It started operating its store site in 2013 in Tehran's head office.

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BeneTech ambient ammonia meter GM8806

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  • Country of manufacture: China
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