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  • Azaran Sanat Emertat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C80
  • Azaran Sanat Emertat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C80

Azaran Sanat Emertat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C80

نوع : دو پاس فشار کاری : 6 بار نوع سوخت : دو گانه سوز ظرفیت : 150000 کیلو کالری بر ساعت ابعاد( ارتفاع / طول / عرض) : (95/ 145 / 70) سانتی متر
  1. Maximum Working Pressure: 6 BAR
  2. Fuel Type: Fuel Gas, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel
  3. Dimensions: 1070*765*1010mm
  4. Using reversing flame technology
  5. Temperature Capacity: 80,000kCal per Hour
Warranty :

3 year Azaran Sanat Emertat Warranty

After-Sale Services :

10 years

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The Guide for Selecting and Buying Azaran Sanat Emrtat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C80

Steel hot water boiler (Calor) C80, has a capacity of 80000KCal / Hr. This product is very powerful, and has reliable and desirable performance, and is produced from raw materials with internal and external quality, with the highest quality levels.

Azaran Sanat Emrtat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C300

Following the strict and environmentally friendly global standards has turned Calor hot water boiler into a high-quality product.

Calor Steel Water Boiler is produced and supplied according to the copied design of the Italian company Permonti in 12 different models with a heat capacity of 45,000 to 800,000 kCal per hour, with high working pressure and reverse flame technology.

The maximum operating temperature of Calor steel water boiler is 90 degrees Celsius, and they are ideal for heating purposes of various residential, industrial, commercial, office, and hospital projects.

Azaran Sanat Emertat Steel Water Boiler (Calor) C80 Other Features:

  • Calor Steel Water Boilers have a precise and calculated design and the components of these boilers have the highest ratio between the volume of incendiary gas and heat exchange surfaces.
  • As mentioned above, the following boilers have a great design, this factor helps to increase the lifespan and durability of these products.
  • The working pressure of steel water boilers is 6 bar and they have a performance in accordance with valid standards, and high thermal efficiency in the relevant heat capacity.
  • These boilers have Reversing Flame technology so that to increase the heat exchange between combustion gases and water, the combustion chamber is designed in a cylindrical shape with a closed-end, the combustion flame under the pressure of the door The front of the boiler is in the opposite direction and furthermore the time it stays inside the combustion chamber increases.
  • Also to prevent pollution, and full combustion process, the exhaust gases are directed to the flame, and hit the flame to complete the combustion.
  • Finally, the heat condensed with the reverse flame is transferred to the water according to the radiant heat transfer method.
  • The inner surface of the body of calor boilers is covered with special epoxy resin. Epoxy resin will have a significant effect on increasing the durability and longevity of boilers.
  • Geometric structure and heat exchange surfaces of water boilers have the highest thermal efficiency and the lowest fuel consumption, this outstanding performance reduces pollutant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To prevent heat loss, the body of these boilers is completely covered with fiberglass or rock wool insulation, 50 mm thick.
  • In the rear sheet tube section of the boiler, the tube handles are spaced several millimeters from the surface of the rear sheet tube. This is to increase the temperature near the welding area of tubes from the tube sheet, which will prevent the formation of acidic water vapor condensate (pH less than 4.5) on the tube sheets, rot the tubes and the rear tube.
  • These water boilers have a useful life and high efficiency, which has achieved a thermal efficiency of more than 88%.
  • Calor water boilers are ideal for working with a variety of gas burners, diesel burners, and diesel burners.
  • Ease of use, high safety of users of this product, very good energy efficiency and beautiful appearance, and having a complete control panel is among the obvious advantages of calor boilers.
  • Calor water boilers are ideal for working with a variety of gas burners, diesel burners, and gasoline burners.
  • These water boilers have a useful lifetime and high efficiency, which has achieved a thermal efficiency of more than 88%.
  • Ease of use, high user safety of the product, very good energy efficiency and beautiful appearance, and having a complete control panel are among the obvious advantages of color boilers.

Calor C80 Steel Water Boiler Control Panel Features :

Calor water boilers have a single-phase control panel, which control items, displays, and temperature control arrangements are Italian made, with this control panel, there is no need to install the engine room electrical panel!

<imgclass="center-img img-responsive" src="https://damatajhiz.com/img/ftp/hhf/heating-equipment/tube-sheet-chamberazaran-sanat-emertat-steel-water-boiler-calor.jpg" alt="tube-sheet-chamberazaran-sanat-emertat-steel-water-boiler-calor" width="398" height="241" />

Calor C80 Control Panel Accessories:

The control panel of Calor water boilers has the following components:


  1. Boiler ON and OFF Power switch using single-phase electricity.
  2. Thermomanometer pressure display and temperature of the boiler water.
  3. Maximum temperature control switch (90° C thermostat limit).
  4. The thermostat to adjust the operating temperature of the burner and the operating temperature of the circulator pump.
  5. Agustat to control the operating temperature of the pump based on the very temperature of the boiler.
  6. Working signal lamp, related to the operation of the thermostat

Calor Water Boiler Control Panel Circuit Plan


Calor Steel Water Boilers Standards

  • The boiler combustion chamber certification follows the BS1501-151 standard, which is made of the fire-retardant sheet when in contact with water made of 17MN4 (DIN17155) material.
  • Boiler body and tube sheets are made of the ST35-8DIN17175 materials by the certification of BS3059.
  • The welding instructions (WSP) are based on the ASME Sec.9 standard.
  • Control panel electrical pieces of equipment and circuit designs are under EEC / 336/89 and EEC / 23/73 directories.
  • The boiler cover is made of steel sheet with (ST12DIN1623) standard, and the Electrostatic Coating manufacturing process (RAL 1028).

Warranty and Originality of the Calor Steel Water Boilers :

Calor steel water boilers have a 3-year warranty and a 10-year after-sales service. In the reference site and store of Damatajhiz, guaranteed prices and technical specifications of various .

types of steel water boilers, with the original guarantee, have been provided for your dear ones to make you feel comfortable about the optimal smart shopping.

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