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  •   ELCIA Magnetic Softener Elcla Mini Model
  •   ELCIA Magnetic Softener Elcla Mini Model
  •   ELCIA Magnetic Softener Elcla Mini Model
  •   ELCIA Magnetic Softener Elcla Mini Model

ELCIA Magnetic Softener Elcla Mini Model

سایز اتصالات : 1/2 و 3/4 اینچ ابعاد (طول ، قطر) : 71 ، 30 میلیمتر دبی : 1050 لیتر بر ساعت ساخت ایتالیا نصب سریع، ارزان و آسان
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مجموعه دمـاتجهیــز امکان خرید اقساطی کالاهای سایت را فراهم نموده است. فرایند خرید اقساطی از این روش طی مدت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ روز انجام می شود و...
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Purchasing Guide for ELCIA Magnetic Softener

  1. In Magnetic Softeners, calcium and magnesium particles in water are ionized due to being located in magnetic field and are suspended in the water and water molecules contact level with each other is reduced and considering water solubility increase, in this situation the pre-formed sediments in pipe wall is solved in water and exited from the system.    
  2. ELCIA Magnetic Softener is used for reduction of deprecation, expenses of consumers and meeting the need of sediment removal on tradition basis.  
  3. ELCIA Magnetic Softeners are used for prevention from sedimentation, removal of former sediments, increase of heat exchangers input, increase of longevity of equipment, easy maintenance of central heating systems as the most used equipment in central heating systems. 
  4. ELCIA Magnetic Softener is considered as non-chemical method without need to the chemical substances added to water. It should be noted that installation of water before installation of all heat exchangers is required.
  5. ELCIA Magnetic Softeners having saving ability in gas usage are used for prevention from sedimentation of heat exchanger, increase of longevity and heat efficiency of package in long term, ELCIA Magnetic Softeners can be used in all chiller systems, water heater, heating and cooling, chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and all kinds of air-conditioners, home systems (air-conditioner, washing machine, coffee producer, and water valve), pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, water boiler and coil tanks.  
  6. One of properties of ELCIA Magnetic Softener is quick, cheap and easy installation.

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