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  • Iran Radiator Towel Dryer 19 pipe OASIS 120/50
  • Iran Radiator Towel Dryer 19 pipe OASIS 120/50

Iran Radiator Towel Dryer 19 pipe OASIS 120/50

ظرفیت حرارتی هر پره : 1359 کیلو کالری بر ساعت ابعاد(ارتفاع* پهنا): 119.2*52.7 سانتی متر تعداد پره: 19 آکس تا آکس افقی : 500 میلی متر مقاوم در برابر خوردگی و پوسیدگی
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مجموعه دمـاتجهیــز امکان خرید اقساطی کالاهای سایت را فراهم نموده است. فرایند خرید اقساطی از این روش طی مدت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ روز انجام می شود و...
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Purchasing Guide for Iran Radiator Towel Dryer

  1. Iran Radiator Towel Dryer is produced with a distance of ax to ax 55, 75, and 100 Cm. as ordered.
  2. Work pressure of aluminum radiators of Iran Radiator Towel Dryer equals 5 loads
  3. Usually, a 10-level Towel Dryer is sufficient for heating small baths (less than 3 Sqm.) unless the mentioned bath is located under the ceiling or has a big window, in this case, a 14-level Towel Dryer should be used. Obviously, a bigger towel dryer is used for bigger baths in proportion to the increase of the area of the bath
  4. T=60° C∆ means that the difference of 60-CG temperature between the temperature of hot water entered to the radiator and the temperature of the bath air.

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Iran Radiator Towel Dryers

  1. Devices required for installation of each aluminum radiator block of Iran Radiator Towel Dryer include:
  • A set of radiator valve and lock knee
  • A radiator having air bleed valve

The price of installation devices has not been mentioned in the above prices and should be purchased separately.

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