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Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5

مجهز به قفل کودک و تایمر دارای صفحه لمسی و نشانگر تعویض فیلتر مساحت تحت پوشش : 60 تا 80 مترمربع انواع فیلتر : پیش فیلتر- فیلتر کربن فعال-فیلتر هپا-فیلتر گرد و غبار-آنتی باکتریال سنسور تعویض فیلتر، سنسور تصفیه هوشمند، سنسور کیفیت هوا و استفاده از تکنولوژی
  1. Equipped with child lock and timer
  2. It has a touchscreen and filter replacement indicator
  3. Covered area: 60 to 80 square meters
  4. Types of filters: pre-filter - active carbon filter - HEPA filter - dust filter - antibacterial
  5. Filter replacement sensor, smart filter sensor, air quality sensor, and use of technology
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Guide to choosing and buying Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 with 5 stages of filtration and unique design is produced and supplied by Green company (one of the most reliable brands in the field of air conditioning equipment production).

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 is one of the most suitable options for air purification in homes, offices, mosques, beauty and sports halls, etc., and it can remove all pollutants and harmful suspended particles in the air, such as smoke. Removes cars and cigarettes, food odors, dust particles, pet odors, hair, allergenic particles, etc.

This model of air purifiers using plasma technology (from the method of creating an electric charge (static electricity)) also absorbs many airborne particles.

Considering the importance of breathing clean and healthy air, as well as the presence of various types of pollution, suspended particles, soot, carbon monoxide gas, and carbon dioxide gas in the air of big cities, nowadays using air purifiers in homes and workplaces is not just a choice. Rather, it is an inevitable necessity.

On the reference and specialized website of Dematajhiz, complete information and the best price of air purifiers in different models with original warranty have been provided, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5

Features of Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5

It has a three-speed fan
It has an air quality indicator
It has ultra-low noise performance
Equipped with child lock and timer
Using plasma technology
High quality and standard
Air purification three times per hour
It has a sleep mode
Easy to carry and move
It has an output air flow of 700 cubic meters per hour
Suitable for a covered area of 60 to 80 square meters
Equipped with air quality display, touch screen, and filter replacement indicator

Filters installed in Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 purifies the space with 5 stages of filtration.

The pre-filter, responsible for removing large particles, the HEPA filter in this model, with its high power and accuracy in absorbing airborne pollutants, purifies the surrounding air and provides clean and comfortable air for breathing. Also, bacteria and, asbestos particles, dust particles are filtered and removed from the surrounding air by HEPA filters.
Activated carbon filter:
This filter in Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 uses activated carbon particles to perform the process of ventilation and air purification. Ultimately, it adds negative ions to this purified air and delivers it to the respiratory tract of the user, especially children.
HEPA filter:
The HEPA filter in the Green air purifier absorbs all pollution, viruses, bacteria, and in general, all suspended and harmful particles in the air up to 99.97%. (It is considered one of the most important filters installed in the air purifier. )
Dust filter:
Along with other filters, this filter in the Green air purifier absorbs all the dust.
Antibacterial filter:
The antibacterial filter in the Green GAP700P1F5 air purifier removes any micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants in the air.

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 warranty

Green air purifier model GAP700P1F5 has 12 months warranty.

Nowadays, buying an air purifier is not a luxury item. Still, it is necessary for the health of the heart and respiratory system of all residents in big cities because 80% of people's lifetime is spent in closed spaces for 24 hours, which is usually from the spaces. The nearby area has more air pollution.

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