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Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641 (two-capacity)

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Warranty: 25 months Energy Company warranty Warranty and after-sale Services: 10 years Warranty terms: 25 months warranty since installation

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Selection and Purchase Guide for Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641 (two-capacity)

Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641 is to heat industrial spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, banks, and mosques.

Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641

Features of Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641

  • CE certificate BT51861312
  • It can consume natural gas
  • Thermostatic control and lower annual consumption
  • with high efficiency of 80%
  • Low noise due to a strong axial fan
  • Fan control thermostat, limit thermostat, gas control valve
  • Installable on both walls and stools
  • It can be delivered with an exhaust fan along with a smoke sensor for spaces with no sufficient chimney suction

This type of Energy heaters is a two-capacity type, in that it can have two capacities of 25000 and 45000 Kcal/hr depending on situations and temperature. With this feature, the device is not required to use its maximum heating capacity, which will save more energy.

Tips after Purchasing Energy Gas Heater and Hot Air Furnace

After purchasing, call authorized service numbers on the box of the product to use the installation service and warranty of Energy Gas Heater. Please don’t open the box before the after-sales representative comes to you because the warranty will be available only if the product is installed by authorized servicemen of the company.

The Chimney of the heater should have a sufficient and safe distance from flammable materials and possibly be properly insulated along the path, particularly passing the wall or ceiling; otherwise, chimney heat can cause fire danger in the vicinity of flammable materials.

Warranty and After-sales Services of Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641

Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641 will have a 25-months warranty of Energy Company if it is installed by authorized servicemen of the company.

Technical specifications and guaranteed prices of Energy Gas-Fuel Fan Heater 641 are provided on the DamaTajhiz website for your good feeling of an optimized and intelligent purchase.

Type Fan
Type of fuel Gas-Fuel
Height 1020 میلیمتر
Length 76 سانتی متر
Width 720 میلیمتر
Depth 600 میلیمتر
Power Consumption تکفاز 220 ولت
Heating capacity(Kcal/hr) 25000
نوع کالا هیتر
فضای تحت پوشش (m3) 1000 - 500

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641 (two-capicity)

Maximum Heating Capacity (Kcal/Hr) 23,000-45,000
Fuel consumption (m3/Hr) 4.8
Dimensions (cm) Length 72
Width 60
Height 105
weight (kg) 87
Heating space (m3) 400~900
Type of fuel Natural Gas
Voltage (v)
Power consumption
Ph 1

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