Adisan Electrical Radiator

The use of Adisan electric heater to provide limited heat is one of the most popular and favorite choices of consumers of additional building heating systems due to its easy operation, high safety, and noiseless operation of the device. It is suggested that you stay with us in the rest of this article to get specialized and complete information about technical specifications, dimensions, heating capacity, reasonable price, etc. types of Adisan electric heaters.

Adisan and electric heating company

Adisan company, with 45 years of production history, was the first producer of oil-based electric radiators in the country, which produces and markets all types of electric radiators with different numbers of blades for different areas.

Adisan electric radiators are designed in such a way that they can be portable with the wheels installed in these devices and can be moved to the desired place.

Adisan electric heater

How to choose the number of blades required for Adisan electric heating

  • A 5 to 7-blade electric heater is suitable for a room of 6 to 8 square meters with a ceiling height of about 2.8 meters.
  • A 7 to 9-blade electric heater is suitable for a room of 8 to 10 square meters with a ceiling height of about 2.8 meters.
  • Electric heaters of 9 to 11 blades are suitable for a room of 10 to 12 square meters with a ceiling height of about 2.8 meters.
  • Addisan electric radiator or electric heater 11 to 14 blades is suitable for a room of 12 to 14 square meters with a ceiling height of about 2.8 meters.

Buy Adisan electric heater

As mentioned above, before buying, be sure of the exact area of ​​the space that you intend to use Adisan electric heaters for heating, and then buy, because the number of electric radiator blades is calculated and determined according to the area and height of the ceiling. will be Our advisors are ready to provide expert and complete advice to help you choose and buy better.

On the site of Damatajhiz's specialized collection, the technical information of Adisan company's electric radiators, with original warranty, has been presented in order for you, dear ones, to enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

The price of Adisan electric heater

If you want to choose and buy an Adisan electric heater, we suggest that you view all the information you need to better choose and buy an Adisan electric radiator on the specialized website of Dematahheez.
All the electric radiator products available on the specialized website of Dematahheiz have reasonable prices and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

Warranty and after-sales service of Adisan electric heater

  • After buying the Adisan electric radiator to use, remove the device from the box and connect it to the power outlet, then set it to your desired mode and use its heating.
  • All Adisan electric heating models have a 5-year warranty.

Choosing a place to install radiators

Keep in mind that heat loss occurs in two ways. One is the heat loss caused by the partitions such as the ceiling, floor, wall, window, etc. The other is the heat loss caused by the penetration of cold air through the window seams.
This heat loss happens anyway, so we can reduce the amount of heat loss by using UPVC double-glazed windows.
It is recommended to install radiators under the window after sealing and using double-glazed windows because the air in this part is colder than in other parts of the environment and exchanges with the heat produced by the radiator and circulates in the environment. Balance the temperature of the environment.

  • Dear user:
  1. While thanking you for the trust you have in the technical opinions of temperature equipment sales experts, it should be noted that the determination and selection of the desired product brand based on history, brand strength, service and product price is ultimately determined by the buyer. But in the field of electric radiators, most of the users and buyers choose and buy best-selling brands such as Iran Radiator and Butan according to their quality, price and after-sales service.
  2. If, after reading the above material, you have more questions to decide on the purchase of different types of electric radiators, you can contact the heating equipment collection and extension numbers 107 - 108 - 121 - 122, from the sales experts of the heating equipment and engine room department or Get home and office advice and ask your questions.

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