Butane Wall-Mounted Water Heater B3112 Model

  1. Heating capacity:18,000 kcal per hour
  2. Dimensions (height, width, depth): 68×36×24.8 cm
  3. Maximum natural gas consumption: 2.1 cubic meters per hour
  4. Water supply 25 degrees Celsius: 12 liters per minute
Warranty :

1 years warranty

After-Sale Services :

10 years

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Purchasing Guide for Butane Wall-Mounted Water Heater 

  1. The most important advantages of efficient and modern wall-mounted (urgent) water heaters compared to old and large water heaters equipped with tanks Include optimal consumption of fuel, high safety, use of modern technology (technology), transportation, easy installation, without need to primary waste of time in heating water, non-heating water after consumption, nonoccupation of useful space of the kitchen and non-waste of energy for hot water reservation.      
  2. In Butane wall-mounted (urgent) water heaters, the models labeled with the letter I am the type of ionizer and the models labeled with the letter I am equipped with fan, and those labeled with the letter “if” indicates ionizer models equipped with fan and those labeled with letter “rs” is water heater model of the closed combustion chamber.
  3. Ionizer models are selected for the zones having salts and residues in the water and for the zones having no urban gas.
  4. In wall-mounted water heaters, Ionizer Models, while opening water tab, turn smart sparkler system without the need to permanent pilot and this causes advantages such as 30% saving in gas consumption due to removal of a permanent pilot, improvement of energy category (label) in comparison with models of a permanent pilot, decrease of sedimentation of a heat exchanger and no need to periodical service of water heater pilot. 
  5. The fan in Butane wall-mounted water heaters equipped with fan, it is possible to immediately discharge gases resulting from system combustion, for the buildings suffering from chimney problem (even by less diameter of chimney). 
  6. The advantage of buying a water heater of “rs” gas of closed combustion chamber is nonuse of internal oxygen at home for combustion. 
  7. All Butane wall-mounted water heaters in addition to the ability of performance, with low water pressure (Bar 0.2), having local standards and CE European Quality Standard, are equipped with temperature adjustment valve, outlet water quantity, flame adjustability on volume and continuous basis, safety valve, heating switch on the exchanger, modular smart flame system (gradual), functionality with urban gas and liquid gas.      
  8. The maximum length of hot water pipe from a water heater to the farthest consumable hot water valve for small models (000,18) is 6 M., and for models (000.21) is 8 M. and for models (000.24) is 10 M.
  9. All kinds of Butane wall-mounted water heaters are provided with a 3-year warranty by Butane Co.
  10. Butane Mfg. and Industrial Co. has been the most successful and famous Mfg. brands in the field of wall-mounted water heaters in the country by manufacturing, supplying, and exporting millions of all kinds of gas-fuel wall-mounted water heaters during past decades by enjoying a wide after-sale-services network of its products.
    Butane Wall mounted Water heater B3112

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Butane Wall-mounted Water Heater

  1. Butane wall-mounted (urgent) water heaters are easily used by liquid gas.

  2. Installation of the water cooler at the bathroom, toilet, bedroom, and space spaces unequipped with suitable air-conditioners is emphatically forbidden. 
  3. All Models of Butane Water Heaters need suitable chimneys and using them without chimneys is forbidden. 
  4. Butane wall-mounted water heaters, insertion of water heater flame on a short position, causes a decrease of sedimentation and depreciation of system and increase of water heater longevity.
  5. Gas-fuel devices at the time of performance produce poison, odorless, colorless, and invisible gas of monoxide carbon (CO)that in case of an entrance to the house causes bite, headache, dizziness, vomit and finally causes poisoning and death, therefore, installation of the chimney as well as suitable air-conditioning at installation place of gas-fuel devices is obligatory.
  6. The gas hose used for liquid gas and urban gas is different and the maximum permissible length of gas hose for transfer of urban gas to a device is 120 Cm. and for transfer of liquid gas is 150 Cm.
  7. Installation of an outlet of chimney beside cooler or window is forbidden.  
  8. The coldness of the chimney indicates incorrect performance and penetration of pollution into the residential space.
  9. At least 3 M. should be considered for a height of chimney of ordinary gas-fuel devices.
  10. Installation of Cap H minimizes the negative effects of wind on the flow of smoke inside the chimney and the chimney operates correctly.
Type wall-mounted
Type of fuel Gas-Fuel
Height 68 سانتی متر
Width 36 سانتی متر
Depth 24.8 سانتی متر
Weight 12.8 کیلوگرم
Heating capacity(Kcal/hr) 18000
Product Type آبگرمکن

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Model B3112
Maximum Heating Capacity
Hot water supply at ∆T 25˚C= 12
Maximum Gas Consumption
Exhaust Diameter(Cm) 15
Pilot Permanent
Height (cm) 68
Width(cm) 36
Depth(cm) 24.8
Net Weight(kg) 12.8

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