Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater 200 Litter

Solar Polar
Warranty : 1 year

After-sale Services : 10 years

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200 Litter Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater Selection and Purchase Guide

200 litter flutter solar polar water heater is a vacuum tube solar water heater that consists of energy collectors, a support, a 200 litter tank, polyurethane insulator, and a 2000 W electric heater auxiliary system. Glasses materials include 3 target and Pyrex etc.

Its operation is very simple. Cold water enters through glass collectors of the solar warm heater, which has already heated by sun, getting heated. Then, according to the Thermosiphon and hot-cold fluid transfer property, heated water enters an insulated tank. The process is continuously repeated. This water heater is not directly connected to the urban electricity network. Instead, its power is supplied by a submersible generator or a solenoid valve.

Technical characteristics and guaranteed price of 200 Litter Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater along with the main warranty is provided on DamaTajhiz website for your good feelings of an optimized and intelligent purchase.

200 Litter Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater

200 Litter Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater Characteristics :

  • Elimination of fossil fuel energy consumption with an efficiency of 70% during the year and its replacement by eternal solar energy to supply required warm water.
  • Utilization of a new heating technology and creation of superiority in selling residential homes or apartments.
  • Reasonable price
  • Use of glass to absorb energy
  • Supply of warm water with favorable temperature
  • Rapid and easy installation

General Measurements for Installation of Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heaters :

  1. Plump a pair of 3/4” pipes in buildings that use a 200 or 300 litter device and make an increase in size proportional to paralleled devices on the roof to increase warm water supply
  2. Measure an installation space without shadow on the roof in the shortest possible distance from cold and warm water riser
  3. Measure an electricity pipe for parietal thermostat sensor inside the building to pass through
  4. Measure an electricity cable for utilizer to use 2 KW electric heater inside the tank when needed
  5. Measure an electrocution protection key for the auxiliary electric heater
  6. Measure an indoor solar system connection to the secondary system in forms of a thermostatic, solenoid valve, or a manual valve.
  7. Piping of the solar water heater in buildings equipped with a powerhouse or heating package has to be performed from package final installation place or powerhouse to the roof, so use of automatic connection and disconnection keys would be enabled.

200 Litter Flutter Solar Polar Water Heater Warranty :

These water heaters have a 1-year warranty along with 10-years after sales services.

Type Solar
Height 170 سانتی متر
Length 192 سانتی متر
Width 152 سانتی متر
Weight بدون آب 102 کیلوگرم

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Model Flutter

Tank volume(Lit)

Weight (Kg) 102

Number of collectors(glass)


Collector cover type(m2)


Allowable humidity


Angle of radiation(degree)


Operating pressure(bar)

Dimensions(cm) Length 192
Width 152
Height 170

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