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Plate Solar Polar Water Heater

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Solar Polar
Warranty : 1 year

After-sale Services : 10 years

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Plate Solar Polar Thermosiphon Water Heater Selection and Purchase Guide

Plate solar polar water heater is of thermosiphon solar water heater type and its main components are an energy collector, supporting legs, a 200 litter tank, polyurethane insulator, and a 2000 W electrical auxiliary system.

Warm water supply mechanism of plate solar polar water heater is very simple. The mediate fluid (a combination of water and antifreeze) is heated through solar collectors, moving toward the tank on top of the installed collector and then entering inside the double glazed tank. Then, through the shell, its energy is transferred to the intended fluid (i.e. water) stored within the first glaze.

Technical characteristics and guaranteed price of Plate Solar Polar Thermosiphon Water along with the main warranty is provided on DamaTajhiz website for your good feelings of an optimized and intelligent purchase.

Advantages of Plate Solar Polar Water Heater :

  • Elimination of fossil fuel energy consumption with an efficiency of 70% during the year and its replacement by eternal solar energy to supply required warm water.
  • Utilization of a new heating technology and creation of superiority in selling residential homes or apartments.
    It reduces pollutants of the environment (each solar water heater prevents emission of 1500 kg CO2 in a year)
  • It reduces package or furnace room maintenance costs (in overall, since majority of package and furnace room costs arise from providing consumed warm water, by installation of solar polar water heaters, maintenance costs are automatically reduced)
  • It ensures safety of the building by turning off the furnace room or package and reducing noises arising from it. It also eliminates risk of gas explosion inside a permanent furnace room below the building.
  • It has an 2 KW electrical heater ready to be used in cloudy and rainy days
  • It is capable of being directly connected to the warm water tank of furnace rooms in villa buildings or heating consumed water of apartment packages.
  • It has 2 solar collectors with a German absorber and an area of 2 m2
  • It provides required warm water with sufficient pressure and flow

Correct Prediction of Consumption :

  • Prior to providing the solar system, one should accurately calculate warm water consumption of the building. If the building is currently being constructed, 70 or 60 litter can be determined for each person’s consumption per 24 hours. Also, note that the foundation cannot be a accurate criterion for consumption.
  • Storage tank volume and solar collector area have to be in proportion (50 litter of tank volume is recommended to be determined per 1 area of the collector). For example, for a 10-unit apartment building, assuming that 4 people live within each unit (a total of 40 people in the building), a water heater capable of supplying 2400 litters of warm water is required. after applying a consumption coincidence coefficient of approximately 30% and considering that 1 of panel areal is needed, the water heater must be capable of supplying (2400*7=1680) litters of warm water.
  • Connection of the plate thermosiphon solar polar water heater to the auxiliary system (furnace room, reservoir, etc.) is performed after purchase and in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Requirements of Plate Solar Polar Water Heater Installation Place :

  • A minimum space of 4 m2 is required to install the plate solar polar water heater on the roof.
  • Installation place should be chosen far from other parts of the building or any other adjacent object during the day.

Pictures of Plate solar Polar Water Heater projects :

plate solar polar
plate solar polar

plate solar polar

Plate Solar Polar Water Heater Warranty :

Plate Solar Polar Water Heater has 1-year warranty along with 10-years after sales services.

Type Solar
Weight بدون آب 224 کیلوگرم

نیاز به منبع 2 کویلی برای اتصال به پکیج ، هزینه اضافی بر 12 میل

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در صورتیکه بلی ، قیمت ش نسبت به 12 میلیون فعلی ، چقدر بیشتر می شود؟


قیمت بیشتر

چرا قیمتش 2 یا 3 برابر آبگرمکنهایی است که صفحه تخت نیستند؟
با فشار آب کم هم کار میکند؟



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عزیزان میخواستم بدونم از این آبگرمکن خورشیدی در ایران در خانه ها هم استفاده میشه؟ به نظرم کاش میشد استفاده از اینها مرسوم میشد در این اوضاع که کمبود انرژی فسیلی داریم.


آبگرمکن خورشیدی

آیا میشه از این آبگرمکن به عنوان پیشگرمکن برای سیستم پکیج یا شوفاژ یا آبگرمکن دیواری استفاده کرد تا مصرف سوخت توی اونها کم بشه؟آیا مقرون به صرفه هست؟

با سلام
دوست عزیز شما میتوانید از این سیستم به عنوان پیش گرمکن آب مصرفی جهت کاهش مصرف سوخت فسیلی استفاده کنید ولی باید در نظر داشت با استفاده از یک منبع کویلی که دارای 2 کویل باشد ، یکی برای اتصال به بویلر و دیگری برای اتصال به سیستم سولار.




من از این آبگرمکن ها تو دستشوئی پارک جمشیدیه دیدم خیلی عالی هست تو این سرما آبش خیلی داغ بود .


ابگرمکن خورشیدی

سلام میخاستم اموزش و نصب ابگرمکن خورشیدی رو ببینم ممنون میشم راهنمایی کنید

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Model Plate

Tank volume(Lit)

Weight (Kg) 100

Absorption Approximation Area(m2)


Base weight(Kg)


Total weight (no water)


Total weight (with water)


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